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Told I have a pituitary tumour.

I am a 27 year old female. Been told I have a tumour on the right side of my pituitary gland.
Am seeing endocrinologist for the first time on 30th Nov.
My symptoms are, galactorrhea, irregular and very short periods, bowel changes, headaches, nausea, severe fatigue, memory loss and confusion, weight gain, infertility, loss of sex drive.
Theres probably more but I forget so Ill have to add as and when I remember.
I havent had many blood tests done as yet, but my prolactin was checked and was found to br in the lower normal range so I dont know how or why I produce breast milk.
Wondering what to expect really from the endocrinologist and any help or advice would be great.
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Prolactin can be very tricky. It can also be a thyroid issue or another pituitary issue that is creating the issue. It may be a breast issue.
You need a pituitary endo not just a regular endo. Get copies of everything. Read up on how and when to test.
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Look of Coley protocol on the internet before considering treatments. Coley founded Sloan-Kettering. Scientific American has several articles. %18 of tumors will disappear upon treatment with a sequence of killed bacterial vaccines.  Administering a killed bacterial vaccine causes production of TNF (tumor necrosis factor). You need at least fourteen injections every other day with different vaccines for a month.
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