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pituitary glands abnormal signal intensity

I had an MRI of Brain to check tumor in it. Below I have pasted the report result as it is. my assumption is that there is no tumor but the evidence of pituitary glands abnormal signal intensity has been found

I need some suggestion regarded my report that how it is going to effect my body and what are the treatments.



C/o decreased vision and erectile dysfunction — 3 years

Multiplanar multisequential images were acquired through the brain and pituitary fossa using usual departmental protocols with and without administration of contrast.

• The pituitary gland measures 0.9 x 1.2 ems (AP x TS). There is evidence of abnormal signal intensity area     seen involving anterior pituitary gland producing bulge and causing mild deviation of stalk towards right side. On dynamic post contrast images this area is showing early hypointensity and progressive delayed enhancement. It measures approximately 0.4 x 0.4 ems (AP x TS).
• There is no gross intracranial bleed or gross' area of infarction noted.
• Cortical sulci ventricles appear normal.
• There is no evidence of midline shift noted.
• Basal ganglia and thalami appear normal.
• Cavernous sinuses, orbits, optic nerves and optic chiasma appear normal.
• The vestibulocochlear nerve complexes are normal.
• Brainstem 8z, posterior fossa appear normal.

Above mentioned imaging findings of abnormal signal intensity area in anterior pituitary are suggestive of pituitary microadenoma. Hormonal assay is advised.
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Looks like you have a microadenoma as suggested by the report. You need to follow-up with your primary care doctor or whoever ordered the MRI and pressure them into ordering a full array of pituitary hormone testing given these results. If your hormones are out of range they may need to put you on a medication before it gets too big and you need surgery to remove it. Don't be alarmed as microadenoma is a relatively common finding around 10% of the population have one on autopsy somethimes they don't produce a hormone. Anyway... I wish I had caught mine early and small like your's is right now. Good luck!
Agree with the above. Imaging is 20% of the picture, you need hormone testing and if that confirms the issue then yes, you do have a pituitary tumor and the testing will indicate the type and that will indicate the treatment. The stalk being deviated means for the most part something is there.
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