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Breast biopsy

I had a biopsy done and a titanium marker inserted I want it removed did they insert a microchip in me. My test came out normal. I am a firm believer in God. I don't want nothing inserted in me that will prohibit me from going to heaven. Do you have to have a surgery or the way the doctor inserted it can he go back in that way and remove it. When I went for the procedure the Doctor told the nurses another volunteer. That does not sit right with me.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry about your concerns and fears. The marker is there for a reason though and will not prevent your entrance to Heaven or any other consequence like this. It is there so that when you have your next mammogram, they can see where the previous issue was to monitor it. It's not a chip but a marker for diagnostic reasons and it can save your life. It's not a 'chip' but a clip. Tiny and only there to note the spot for radiologists going forward. https://www.cancer.org/cancer/breast-cancer/screening-tests-and-early-detection/breast-biopsy/core-needle-biopsy-of-the-breast.html  

I hope this helps.  
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I think I’ve finally figured out my body is rejecting titanium breast marker vim allergic to it years I’ve had right breast pain wrapped around ribs . Years of 61 medications x rays 5 mri s pain dr hospital setting sedated injections. Like did I really just stumble up on my own diagnosis . Burnin stabbing electric shocks hot inflammation only right breast and ribs . I’m hyped up waiting for my drs office to open begging to get in begging him to get me scheduled with a surgeon in the morning., omg is this the answer after all these years . I was 167 now 96 pounds bed ridden with pain chronic fatigue chronic pain chronic inflammation wish me luck
You have a very different situation than the original poster who felt she was microchipped and other non medical concerns.  An allergy to the titanium breast marker clips is extremely rare but could happen. These markers are no bigger than a sesame seed. https://www.pathologyoutlines.com/topic/breastbiopsymarkingdevices.html   I like this older article for it's explanation.  While it is quite rare to have a reaction to the marker, it is possible. And it can be removed. Talk to your doctor about that as you plan to but they will probably and you will probably want them to do a before and after mammogram to clearly mark on imaging where the marker was to note the area in future mammos. Let us know what your doctor says and we hope you get relief from these symptoms you've had.  
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