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Hi. I had a suspicious mammogram. Is this anything to worry about?

I'm 53 and have had fibrocystic breasts all my life and 1 or 2 rounds of needle aspirations, but they were perhaps 10 years ago, give or take a few. Now they found multiple micro calcifications and asymmetry of some sort, bilaterally. I have dense breasts When I raise my arms I see dents and  puckers and not sure if peaux d orange mixed with wrinkles , tethering in general, around the areola looks just hideous in a rather large area bilaterally, like extremely wrinkled and yucky. I thought this is just what happens with age? but nothing obvious like nipple retraction or leaking, except once a couple years back I had spontaneous leaking, but it was like off white milk colored and only lasted a day or 2. I know nobody can say yes, you have cancer, or, no you don't without those test results and next I get an ultrasound and another mammogram. I've smoked 43 years but I also breast fed 4 children who are adults, now, so that's supposed to make me immune, isn't it? Really not sure if I have fat necrosis or breast cancer. No palpable lumps in my breasts at all, but I did see an irregular, elongated mass on the screen at my ultrasound up high that I wasn't supposed to look at for some idiotic reason. I have had shooting pains in the left breast that come and go like spasms and they are electrifying. I don't recall if there was a shadow  with that elongated thing I saw, it was such a brief glimpse and I didn't know to look for star shapes or microcalcifications then. I do feel one node in left armpit and inguinal lymph nodes all the way out to accessory node location ache a bit, but no palpable nodes there, either. Does this sound like anything or nah? I had a good pap smear a couple years back and even a uterine biopsy, and that was all good, so I don't understand the groin pain. It felt as if it woud herniate about a week ago when I coughed, but not anymore. Also, could be related, but I have some new dents in my forehead on the right side and they're spreading slowly and a crack on the right side, too. Nothing like that on the left and when I cough sometimes it makes my orbit and temple feel like it must be broken. Probably unrelated. I don't know. My thyroid went nuts again and I have gerd. I feel like a systemic train wreck. haha but I'm not afraid. I just want to know.
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First of all, I don’t think that your other health issues are related to your breast problems. The skin changes in both your breast could very well be due to aging. As you correctly stated, no one can say whether your bilateral Micro calcifications are concerning or not. These are small calcium deposits that in and of themselves do not mean cancer, however they can be a sign of a problem when they grow in a cluster, because they may indicate that there is an abnormal growth in the area. The Mammogram you’ll be having (Diagnostic Mammogram) is a type of mammogram in which only a small area of the breast is compressed. Its purpose is to obtain a magnified view so the calcifications can be seen more closely. Subsequently an Ultrasound won’t be even needed if the spot compression Mammogram clarifies things.
Keep in mind that the majority of calcifications are benign, only a few of them actually turn out to be malignant but if they do, this very early breast cancer is almost 100% curable.
Try not to worry too much, since your calcifications are still being evaluated and I hope that your upcoming tests will clarify things and result in benign findings.
Best wishes and positive thoughts coming your way.
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Thank you. God bless you and yours. I kinda hacked up a little piece of light pink/peach colored thick phlegm today, too. it was very tiny. about the size of the tip of my finger. I'm not worried. My doc said today it's probably nothing. That was before I hacked up that little pink piece of thick phlegm, but even then, still not worried. Wishing you the best for responding. That was sweet. It's embarrassing to write about stuff like that whether making the query or answering, isn't it? :)
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