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Mammogram found Spot

I went today and got my yearly mammogram.  I was told they found a small spot right behind my left nipple.  I am scared to death!!  I went back a few hours later because they wanted to do an ultrasound the radiology tech could not find the spot, but she took the ultrasound and said the radiologist would read it tomorrow and call me.  I just went for my yearly physical and everything was find.  I did tell my physician I had had some soreness under both arms in the armpit area.  My physician examined my armpit and found nothing.  Some days my armpit are sore and some days they are not.  I did not realize this could have anything to do with breast cancer or anything.  Could it???  I have found myself sleeping at times with my arms above my head at night and though that is why I had some tenderness in the armpit area.  Any feedback would be appreciated--I am scared.  The radiology tech said it was probably a lymph node and that is why it did not show up in the ultrasound --what does that mean.  
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Yes it is scary and it's horrible waiting for results.  You have been totally doing the right thing up to now. Yearly mammograms are your best way of preventing invasive breast cancer.  Ok, they found a spot, that's good!  Now they will check it out and fix it.  You are very lucky, the chances are that it's totally benign and even if it is a nasty beast you and your medical team have found it very early and it is the one in trouble because there is a 100% success rate in dealing with these early pests.  Be positive, keep a clear mind, don't imagine bad things. Try to distract yourself with normal things until you get your results. It is easy for me to say this because I am a breast cancer survivor, I've had ups & some unecessary downs and it was a steep learning curve but ultimately a rewarding one.  I've met some incredible people and I'm going to do some incredible things. Life is beautiful - enjoy it.
I hope your news is all good - please keep us posted XX  
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I went for my digital mammo today as well, and they found what they thought was a lymph node, so I had 2 more views taken and the the sono and they said the same thing. It was probably a lymph node because of the location and that they couldnt find it. The lymph node appears differently on a sono than it does on a mammo. They could not find mine either, and yet it was there and they believe it was there last year, but I lost about 12 lbs from cutting out white stuff and they prob just are seeing it better...but...I posted on here hoping for some advice too!

Let us know how it turns out!

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YES I got good news.  The results came back and they found nothing on the ultrasound.  I also talk to my normal doctor and she agreed with the Radiologist results.  Thanks for all your thought and prayers.  This site really helped!!!   THanks
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