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Mammogram help

I am 43 years old and have been recently told my adenocarcinoma (originated in my thyroid at age 16) has returned.  I am in the middle of biopsies and testing to see what and where this is.  I was told by my ENT that I should do a mammogram and an EGD (stomach scope) to get some answers.  I received my report for the mammogram and wondered if any of you knew what this means?  (waiting for my dr and as many of you know...it's frustrating.  He's out of town for TWO WEEKS!)

Main report:
TISSUE DENSITY: Scattered (25-50% fibroglandular tissue)  FINDINGS: On the left, there is a rounded focal asymmetry in the upper outer quadrant. On the left, there is an asymmetry in the superior posterior breast seen only on the mediolateral oblique view.  There are no suspicious microcalcifications or areas of distortion.  ASSESSMENT: BI-RADS category 0, incomplete. Additional imaging is required.  


Impression: 1. Right breast with no evidence of malignancy. 2. Left breast with rounded focal asymmetry in the upper outer quadrant and asymmetry in the superior posterior breast. Recommend spot compression views and true lateral views.  Examination: Recommend additional imaging on the left.  Assessment: BI-RADS code 0 incomplete need additional imaging.

Any ideas?  I already have the cancer diagnosis, so that's not going to flip me out, just wanting to research and go to appointments ready for what is next.  


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Scattered fibroglandular tissue is a term to describe the tissue in your breasts which is a mixture composed of glandular and fatty tissue.This is a normal finding.
The x-ray of your  right breast is fine,but the left one needs additional viewing such as a spot compression
Mammogram which is a type of mammogram in which only a small area of the breast is compressed to achieve better imaging.
The fact that there are no suspicious calcifications  or areas of distortion is a very good sign.
Try not to worry....being called back,is very common, sometimes is just the skin that has folded over on itself and looks like a shadow.A spot compression can focus in on the area and help to clarify.
I hope that things will be  just fine with your second mammogram.
Best wishes...
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Thank you so much Zouzi!  In my short time on in this community you are very helpful to all.  :)
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