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Saw lymph nodes in mammogram with asymmetrical finding

So I have been having ocular migraines for about a 2 years which have progressed to left shoulder pain. This pain has gone from discomfort to debilitating pain in the course of a year over the past month I have had swelling in my left hand. Now I have an asymmetric mass on my mammogram in my left breast and two small round lymph nodes.my left breast is also no longer the same size as my right as it used to be.  I do a breast exam all the time I don't feel any new lumps. I have had fibrous breast tissue my entire adulthood. Even breastfed 2  kids for almost 3 yrs a piece. My diagnosis mammogram and needle biopsy is tues. I just don't know what to think
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. I'm very glad to hear you are working with your doctor and have a needle biopsy scheduled.  You do have some red flags that require this kind of investigation.  Please try to remember the a biopsy is to determine if there is a situation that needs treatment and does not mean this will absolutely be the case. Asymmetrical is a very common mammography description and you have had fibrocystic breasts makes it difficult to know if the mass is new or has been there.  Can you feel it during your own breast exam?  You are taking good care of yourself getting the biopsy done and often a situation like yours will turn out to be harmless.  Please let us know how the biopsy goes on Tuesday.  
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Hi there.  Did you have your needle biopsy yet? I had this done myself after a Bi Rad of 5 from a mammogram. Scary!  I did not have cancer though so try not to worry.  Please let me know the outcome of things. I'll be waiting to hear.
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