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i had a mamagram done last thur 11-7-19

hi,this pass june 2019,i had dry blood come out of my left breast will i went to they hos here in Keokuk iowa and the doctor told me it was bc i was on blood thinners i told him i need a mamagram done he told me NO so the next day i went to another doctor at the clinic and she felt around and she didn't fell no knots so i got another doctor out of town he told that i need a mamagram done so i did on 11-7-2019 will they call me 11-13-2019 they told me they saw a knot by my left nipple i have pain there but it is off and on now i have to go back on 11-18-2019 to get more test
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I'm sorry this has happened and know it can make us very nervous.  But many women are called back for a follow up to an initial mammogram and this is just to make sure all is alright.  It does not mean you have cancer but just that that there is something they want to investigate further.  The statistic is that 80 to 85% of breast lumps (that they are calling a knot for you) are benign (non cancerous).  Typically a cancerous lump will have no pain associated with it and yours is painful.  Discharge is important to always investigate from the nipple.  You could also have something called mastitis which is an infection. Nipple discharge and pain are associated with that. I know it is easy for me to say try not to worry but you are in good hands working with your doctors.  It will likely turn out to be fine but the further investigation is important to be sure.  Please let us know when your mammogram is scheduled for and how it goes.
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they did a ultrasound on me NOV 20th and they saw something but when they movie that thing around on my breast it goes away and they wanted to see if there r blood going though it and it didn't go though it now on DEC 9th I have to go in they r going to take a peace of it to see what it is
So, you are having a biopsy.  Is it a needle biopsy or a traditional biopsy?  Remember this is for your good to make sure it is nothing cancer related.  A needle biopsy sounds far worse than it is as it is actually a fairly pain free, easy procedure for most women.  Try not to worry.  Most of the time, biopsies result in a benign result of no cancer.  It is probably hard waiting until December 9th to know for sure. Waiting can be some of the hardest part.  Do you have someone to go with you to the biopsy?
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