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For people who suffer from long covid, how does the recovery process go?

What drugs are they issued, do they just sort of have to wait it out, are there always symptoms or can they be asymptomatic but infectious for a long time?

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The recovery stage depends upon how much you got infected. For example, if a person is having mild symptoms he got recovers fast. This all depends upon the severity cases. I got infected by the delta variant of covid and was hospitalized for 12 days in ICU. My body got lazy unable to run properly, now I am suffering from psoriasis which is a skin problem. The doctor said my body immunity declined after covid. Impurity increased in my blood. so its have been more than a year still I am recovering after the affects of covid.
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A person can get long Covid even if you had mild symptoms from the Covid. Perhaps as a general rule there is a relationship between severity and long haul but it's not the rule for everyone.
12 days in ICU must have been rough. I hope you are able to recover totally sometime.
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Treatment depends on your symptoms. You may be given something for breathing, if that's an issue, or for aches and pains, etc. Treatment mostly involves managing symptoms.

Long covid means that you have symptoms after you no longer have the virus. You aren't infectious.

If you don't have symptoms, you don't have long covid.



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