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I am asking if what I am giving is good or is too much?

My two cats are on a Urinary So Diet. They weigh around 10 ILBS. Ive been feeding them a 3oz can twice a day and dry once. amount dry is a little smaller then a cat bowl.
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Hi there...this sounds good to me, however, if your kitties are on a diet for Urinary health, I would eliminate the dry food.  Dry is of no benefit.  
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I fully agree, dry food is the major cause of urinary tract troubles (struvite crystals) so definately eliminate the dry. A 10 lb cat should eat 3-4 of the 3oz cans per day, if they appear still hungry adding another won't hurt...good luck
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OMG!  I did not know this! My cat was dying of a kidney disorder. No one ever told me that dry food was bad.
Thank you!
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