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Yesterday made 5 months that Miss Blue has been a resident of Catamount Grange. She has learned that kitties are welcome on the furnit...
Hello Everyone, I was asked to post my information and video about Convenia here. This drug isn't safe due to how long it stays in th...
The other night my kitty got outside for the first time in the three-plus years she's been with us. I was unaware that she'd gotten out...
I will try not to make this too long. But about 3 years ago I got a 13 year old male long haired black cat from the Humane Society by acc...
My cat is a 19-year-old neutered male. No change to diet or activity, although he isn't very active to speak. Yesterday he acted very let...
My cat was diagnosed with IBD. This is the second one we have had with that disease. He is on steroids, and has been eating Natural Bal...
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