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A neighbor has to rehome Miss Phoenix, a long haired calico who is a little over 3 due toongoing illness and development of severe allerg...
My 6 month old kitten(5lbs) ate her brother's (16lbs)phenobarbital (1/4 gram), will she be okay?
vet says not in his lungs. that's its upper respiratory. he's eating ok but sleeping a lot . intranasal drops (just says compound, but we...
My cat has been sneezing and having nasal discharge for a month now. She has no other symptoms. She plays,she eats well. Just sneezes and...
Found blood inside my sinks in the bathrooms for a couple of days. We have a male and female cats, both fixed, brother and sister, and 1y...
Our one year old male cut has missing hair under its tail with red spots and some puss. He does not appear to have been injured, and we c...
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