A neighbor has to rehome Miss Phoenix, a long haired calico who is a little over 3 due toongoing illness and development of severe allerg...
After the loss of our outdoor cat, Olly, who would leave every night and return every morning, our indoor cat, Titan, doubled in size wit...
I am fostering some abandoned kittens for a local shelter. One of them has not gained any weight but otherwise appears normal both physic...
Hi, I was in my front yard today when a skinny looking cat approached me with plaintive meowing, as if it was very hungry. It would come ...
warning for discussion of cat wounds and injury though not in too much detail. hi all. my family has several outdoor cats (which i kno...
what is the half life of oxycodone in cats? I've heard it works well for pain in cats. I'm trying to get more information on what may h...
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