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My cat suddenly died this morning. There was no warnings or signs that he was in distress. He was sitting on his cat house enjoying his b...
So, my new little 4 month old kitten, who has had all her first vaccinations & deworming is now doing something really odd- she is kind o...
I bought some corned beef and gave a small amount to my 19 year old cat. He bolted it down and since then has been acting sick - sitting ...
I recently adopted a 5 month old feral kitten. She was in foster care under the Humane Society for two months leading up to her adoption...
Yesterday made 5 months that Miss Blue has been a resident of Catamount Grange. She has learned that kitties are welcome on the furnit...
My cat is a little over a year old, male, and fixed. We found him at about 5 weeks old in a storm drain and bottle fed him back to health...
My cat is an American shorthair, 19 years old, neutered male.
My cat, Bailey, has a bald patch on her left hind leg. There is no red spots or blotches, but there is a scab where she's been licking an...
I recently got a new 12 week old kitty for my 3 yr old. She tested positive for coccidia. The vet gave them both 2 doses of ponazuril. Th...
I posted bout my daughters cat the other day and bout putting medicine on it and how to keep it covered and whatnot.. My first home made ...
Hi, thought I would post this although I alluded to it recently in another community, because it looks like a story not yet done. Our ...
Loreena "s birthday is tomorrow. Ten years old... ten lovely years together.I am glad for celebrating this here at MH also. Ps not cakes ...
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