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Canker sore like lesion at my cat's lips

My 1 year old cat develops canker sore like lesion at the lips.  I have taken him to the vet 3 times.  The vet said he has allergy.  He had received 3 cortisone shots with no improvement.  Has anybody had similar problem with his/her cat?  Any suggestions how should I treat this condition.  By the way, my cat has no symptoms.  He seems to be playful and has good appetite.  Any help would be appreciated.  
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My Maxx Luggs got a sore on his mouth as well. He's an indoor, sometimes outdoor kitty and is a great hunter. So I thought maybe he was bit by a squirrel or pocket gofer he loves to catch. The vet gave him shots and suggested I change the type of bowl I was using as the bowls were plastic. Now with the ceramic bowls he's been fine. He has allergies like his momma, (me) and sneezes every spring along with me. I have two other cats that were not affected and don't have allergies, except in the spring when they go outside and sit in the long grasses and get bit by grass fleas. They've never had regular fleas, thank god, because it's too cold here in Montana for them to live, or so I've been told. Plus I'd know if we had fleas because they just love me and I get bit all over and that hasn't happened.
My kitties have always eaten Nature's Recipe and Science Diet, expensive I know, but my 17 year old who now has Hyperthyroidism has always loved it and when I've tried to change foods, they will not eat it.. and I mean that. I've waited a whole week with the new food mixed into the old food and they picked through it and left all the new food. I left it there for another 3 days and they were all really mad at me because they were starting to starve. I couldn't take it anymore so I just gave them the food they liked.
I hope your kitty gets better, but I too think it may be an allergy to something although finding out what that may be will be tricky. Best of luck!
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Hi!!  I have a female dsh that had a similar problem years ago.  Vets weren't sure what it was either but they suspected allergies.  I definately agree that it's a very good idea to switch out her bowls if you are using plastic.  They can also get feline acne from plastic dishes.  My cat had that too and her chin got really bad infected.  Took over a month and 3 different meds to clear it up........anyways.........the vet told me what my cat had was called "rodent ulcers" eventhough it has nothing whatsoever to do with rodents of any kind  LOL  My cat is strictly indoors and her lesions didn't seem painful and she would have one come on and then go away slowly over time by itself and then start with another one within a few weeks.  I think it was pollen or something in the air causing it because since we have moved she has never had it again.  And it wasn't the house cause we live in a mobile home so the only change was location, location, location LOL  hope they can figure out what is wrong and help her out.......I wonder if there is such a thing as an antihistamine for cats???  If no one is helping her it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion.  You don't want her to be in pain and/or stop eating.  Hope this helps and good luck to you and your fuzzy one.  ;-)
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Sorry in the above post I meant to say vets weren't sure what was causing it either.........they did eventually diagnose it as rodent ulcers......
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Hi, I had a persian cat with what sounds to be the same problem.  After a lot of turmoil I faound a very relaibale and trustworthy vet...now also a friend.  My cat had (she'd be very upset as I spell this wrong) Esphillic Granduloma Complex.  The sores mostly developed on her lips, but once and a while on her cheek and once on her foot (but that one looked different).  She seemed to be the only vet that knew what the problem was.  It is a lifelong problem common in certain breeds but possible in all breeds of both dogs and cats.  It is also called rodent ulcers ..not sure if its the same or a variation of the problem.  Cortisone wouldn't be enough.  My vet treated with steroid shots too...but a stronger one.  (forget which one).  It's about $25 per shot and it reoccurs every few months.  One vet misdiagnosed and wanted to do biopsies after biopsies, another vet talked about cancer.....but you could be visiting a bad vet looking to soak you for $$$$$ in tests.  
My beloved cat lived a long and happy life and the only thing we really watched is the bad effects of years of these shots can be diabetes.  Luckily she escaped that.  I recently got another kitten who happened to have the same problem.  (same breed).  Outbreaks can be triggered by stress, allergies and things in the air such as hairspray or fumes .....so cats , like us need a good healthy enviornment.  To prevent outbreaks my vet tried to use a diffuser for calming and some gentle lotions etc....they have maybe prolonged periods between outbreaks....but it is what it is!     I would definately reccomend finding a GOOD vet that you trust.  Beyond all else it makes the most difference!
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I too have a cat..Himalayan with Eosinophilic Granduloma Complex (EGC)
This is an autoimmune disease and not breed specific.
It is most likely caused from an allergy to -flea/tick/mosquito bite, pollen or dust mites.even household chemicals.....although actual cause remains a mystery. there are many theories out there, it can than become a secondary allergy to food(most likely one)...and chicken seems to be the biggest culprit.
If you are feeding a diet consisting of chicken, and you have to read the small print because they add chicken/turkey to many diets.
Change to a HYPOALLERGENIC DIET , the hardest part is finding one your cat will eat. the most palatable are ROYAL CANIN HP23 or HILLS z/d. or ROYAL CANIN rabbit/pea and as a last resort NATURAL BALANCE duck or venison.
My Sami was tried on everything and refused all.
I finally had to put him on a FISH diet and the only kind he would eat is Fancy Feast cans....a horrible food!!! but he had to eat and it had to be something without chicken!

That was a year ago, his sores have improved 75%, a small odd one will develop than disappears within a few days without him rubbing and getting a secondary infection.
Recently I have managed to get him transitioning over to another good diet, brand is EVO by INNOVA...and its Venison 95%grain free.
he will eat this one mixed 50/50 with his darn fish, I hope to slowly eliminate the fish.
I have also began using COLLIDIOL SILVER, I dab a small amount on a scab when it appears and its GONE the next day....this is safe even if they ingest it, it is safe to also use internally.

Vets do not recommend any more than 3 cortisone injections within a year...as you say due to the possible development of diabetes....ATOPICA is a much safer alternative to steroids.

Its a life long problem that has to be kept on top of, I'm so glad you have a good trustworthy Vet than is helpful to you.
If you have anymore questions feel free to contact me.
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Mouth and throat ulcers in cats are very much like cold sores in humans and they are caused by the same thing...alergies or stress.  Unfortunately, there are no effective treatments to prevent them other than to eliminate the cause.
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