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Cat not eating since 5 days

5 days ago my 8 yr old male cat Sylvester came in at his usual lunch time but when I gave him food he smacked his lips, swallowed and backed away which seemed like he had nausea. I noticed he had passed loose motion and there was some vomit with what looked like white seeds in it. Next day, I took him to the vet and he administered an antibiotic shot, a normal saline drip and an anti-inflammatory (some steroid I guess) as he said there was some swelling in the mouth. He told me to give omeprazole once a day through syringe but Sylvester still did not eat anything (he would spit/foam if I gave him omeprazole so I think the med didn't really go in)

The next day he ate just a tbsp of raw mince chicken and some Whiskas and I thought he was getting better but he skipped a meal again. I took him to another vet today and she said he is a bit constipated so an enema has to be given. After an enema as well as an anti-nausea medication and an IV drip Sylvester only ate one raw chicken neck (that is his favorite food).
I have tried all sorts of different foods but to no avail. He seems active, is grooming himself and is desperate to go  outdoors (He would be let out everyday but I have been keeping him in because of his condition). It has been 5 days now and I am at a loss as to what to do. Should we go for blood tests/ x-rays or let him get better on his own. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
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Try a food with a stronger smell, like a small amount of sardines. If he will eat that, the problem might be that food is just not appealing because he can't smell it.
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How's Sylvester doing? I was wondering if maybe he got some kind of a venomous bite. That will make a kitty not want to eat for a while.
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