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Cat urine

Does anyone know of what I can use in the laundry to take out cat pee?  It's not just a few pieces- it's the whole load- or loads.  Regular laundry soap and softener doesn't do much.  I still smell like a litter box when I get hot.  EWWWW

Lucy is being a butthead about the litterbox again.  She doesn't want to go upstairs to potty and I haven't gotten a new box for the basement.  grrrr
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Try washing everything with white vinegar and then your regular detergent.

You can also try letting the clothes soak with one of the enzymatic urine and stain products.
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We use Nature's Miracle when washing the cat blankets and of course anything that has been a target in a territorial pee war, such as the side of the house.  It's available in all sizes and various formulations (including Oxy lol) and especially, in handy gallon jugs, at our local PetSmart.  I do a soak cycle with Nature's Miracle in the bleach dispenser, then rinse and then wash them again with regular detergent plus bleach or white vinegar (bleach for the whites and vinegar for the colors).  Things come out smelling really good, probably that kind of attention takes out mildew, food grease, old sweat, and whatever else yucky is in our clothes these days of not washing in boiling hot water.  One of our Nature's Miracle spray bottles looks exactly like our spray bottle of Bona (used for Swiffer-mopping the laminate floor) and my husband sleepily mopped our kitchen and living room the other day with Nature's Miracle.  I can attest, the house smelled wonderful. :)  It's a good product.
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Wow cat’s pee! Try to wash the clothes or whatever been touched with cat’s pee as soon as possible, don’t leave it later or tomorrow, it will only make the smell hard to get rid of! Or you can use bleach, it will take the smell right away, and you can also try hot water.
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