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Kitty vomit

For the past week or so, MommyBaby has had 3 bouts w vomit. Every two or three days. Nothing has changed. No hair in vomit. Just undigested food.  Does she have the kitty flu ?  Last little pile had a piece of grass in it.
   I'm keeping an eye on her. She's still drinking enough water & has healthy appetite.
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Still playing too.
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There's not a big issue of your cats vomits it's doesn't mean that she is suffering from any type of flu.Vomiting in cats is normal that might be because of eating grass, you might have thrown up her in the air and other symptoms as well. You can give her a check up from a vet on regular basis.
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Thanks. I thought animals eat grass when they have digestive problems.
MB is resting right now. She's always with me, so I do know what she gets into. She loves clawing certain types of cardboard. Do you also have pets?maxy
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My pleasure. Digestive problems occurs when cats eat grass it's good to know that you keep her with yourself. Yes  off course i have few cats and dogs as well.
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Hi! I wouldn't worry too much about the vomiting, unless your cat is also showing other symptoms-lethargic, no appetite, not playing, or fever.

Just keep your eye on her. Cats have very sensitive stomachs-they are barfers. Lol. Does your cat excessively wash herself? If so, then it could still be a hairball issue. I would giver her some hairball remedy once a day for a few days, just to be on the safe side.

Keep us posted!
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Thanks. No she's not an excessive lick-er. She does eat wild things. We live in the rain forest. Her favorite are small lizards. She plays & plays. Then eats the tail. The rest too except the heads. She's so Cute!!
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Yes she’s cute! But I would be careful if my cat eats lizards as there are some lizards with poison, like the one who have blue tails, vomiting, drooling, and a slight fever is a sign of her having a reaction to the toxins..

Do you know what the lizards look like?
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Yes. She always eats same type. They have a yellow stripe. Thanks for the heads up on the other type !
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I think I have read that cats eat grass for a reason, often to provide an enzymatic cleaner for their teeth.  The fact that it makes them throw up is a side effect.  So, check her teeth, just in case.  But it doesn't sound like you've seen grass in every vomit, and it doesn't sound like her teeth are the issue anyway or you might have seen her refusing to eat.  If the food is coming out undigested (indicating it has only been a very short time in her digestive tract as opposed to throwing up digested food), she might have, or have had, a blockage of some kind.  Could definitely be a hairball, but if she likes to play with cardboard, it could be a piece of cardboard.  Hairball remedies are usually some kind of laxative like petroleum jelly mixed with malt for flavor, to stick to the hairball and glide it down.  It's possible that even if her problem is a swallowed cardboard shred, the hairball remedy would help that, too.  But if she keeps vomiting and it keeps being relatively undigested food, it's possible that whatever is in there is not dissolving and passing along.  If it goes on for a while, I'd take her to the vet.
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Happy to report Mommy Baby is all better. No more throwing up! Maxy
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Hi Maxy! I'm happy to see that your fur baby is feeling better! Yayyyy
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