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My cats pees on things

My cat will use her litter box but occasionally she will pee on my carpet shoes and etc. Is there anything I can do to stop her from doing this?
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hi and welcome to our cat forum.....so heartbreaking to read your profile and learn about the loss of your daughter, she indeed looks like a little angel.♥

I will send you a link to the similar question I just replied to this a.m....and hope this will lead you to some answers. be sure to buy a enzyme cleaner from a 'pet store'...not a supermarket, these remove the scent from kitties sensitive little noses and if this isn't used the cat will forever smell the spot and keep using the area thinking its their litter box...good names are
-anti icky poo
-bac out
-urine erase
many others but those are the only names I can think of right now.

heres the link, please post again..
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Thank you!! I will go to the local pet store and try one of these out.
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