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Unending fleas...

My beloved cat is elderly, and suffers from a heart condition. He is still alert, active, and sort of spastic, like he normally is. We have been battling fleas off and on for a year now, and it seems that nothing is helping anymore. The fleas were completely eliminated and being prevented between late September and now, but they are back again. I find the current re-infestation strange because he does not like being outdoors between late September and mid April.

Currently, I flea comb him daily and destroy every flea I unearth (usually 4-8 fleas per session) and he is taking Hartz UltraGaurd OneSpot Treatment (active ingredient (S)-Methoprene 2.9%) every 3-4 weeks as per instructed, on top of that, we have been using flea powder/vacuuming on the furniture and carpeting. I would bathe him to help the progression, but that is NOT a viable option... last time we tried, he tore my arm, chest, neck and legs apart, not to mention my clothes, the shower curtain, and towels. My sister also owns a dog who shares similar space with the cat. He gets flea baths, which are my sisters responsibility (he is content with bathing).

Despite the treatment, the fleas seem to be getting more aggressive, and my cat is now tearing his fur off and leaving raw spots in their place.

In the past, I have used Advantage on my baby, and it worked wonders, even with only a single dose, I cannot, however, afford that brand right now being a student and all.
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I found where I had read on neem oil before, sometimes I know I've read something but can't find it again...
here is the write up.
and if you click on any of the flea treatments it will give you a list of ingredients and those that are less toxic or carcinogenic..but as you see many/most are pretty bad.


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my cat had the same problem. i bought an inexpensive flea collar. he gets a new one every month and it seems hes gotten better. i still vaccum and brush him though. and hes not itching anymore.
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Thank you very much for the helpful advice! I assumed it might be safe to use neem oil due to its cold-pressed and not essential nature, just wanted some clarification on that. I will try borrowing a camping lantern from a relative, as we don't have many lamps here. Lucky for us, my mother went on a baking binge, and we now have pie and casserole tins!

Again, thank you Opus, I only want what is best for my best friend.
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hi Kirsten I have included several sites for you to read through for the safety aspects of using these flea control products, also one on more natural alternatives.
-you can make a strong tea using Neem Leaf(NOT THE OIL, never use any form of oil on a cat...neem oil/tea tree oil NO>>) the herb and 1/2 a lemon cook in small amount of water for about 20min than bath kitty in this and leave it on...(or dab on if bathing is a real problem)..warning neem leaf has a very unpleasant smell.

a flea treatment for the home is to get some flat pie plates or saucers and add abt 1/4 full of water with a few drops of dish liquid. set these dishes under lamps at night. the fleas will be drawn to it and go in than drown. empty in the a.m and repeat every night until there is no more evidence of fleas....have to treat the home as well as the pets!!!!!

good luck and let us know how you make out...lots of reading here.




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Has anyone tried Neem Oil on their cat? Apparently it is safe in small dosages, and a natural IGR.
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I guess I should have posted the question part: Is there anything you guys can recommend that would be safe/safer to use on my cat and/or dog to help alleviate the flea problem?

I also heard that Hartz was a huge problem a while back, but the people who had the problem were using a product with a different ingredient list (hence why I checked the active ingredient, which it seems revolution and similar products use without problem)
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