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Why is my cat vomiting a brown liquid?

Shes 13 years old this summer (2020). We just changed her food earlier this January. It's a dark brown. She gets catlax once to twice a week. She vomits maybe once every two months but it's never a lot. Just a little bit.
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She got sick on my side of the bed. Typical. It's a hairball. She has never had hairballs before. Usually just a little stomach acid. She makes me so worried. She had emergency surgery in January 2019 and constipated  in late 2019. She is a baby and makes me sick with worry.
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What was the surgery for? Do you think the vomiting is related to it?
Also, what is the Catlax for? She might be vomiting because of it.
It's to help her poop. It's like exlax but for cats. Her surgery was her spay. Her falipon tube was full of pus and she recovered very nicely from that. It was just a hair ball after seeing most of it on my bed.
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If she continues to have hairballs, one thing to try is combing her daily with a super fine comb (the kind made for combing fleas out of a cat's fur are great). Or she might do well on Petromalt, instead of Catlax. Petromalt is like a combo of malt and Vaseline, and kitties love it. It's designed to take down hairballs (literally take them down the esophagus) and move them through the digestive tract. But unless she has a continuing problem, I would not regularly give even Petromalt, let alone a laxative on the regular. Their diet should take care of things of that type.
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