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new cat food

hi my cat within the last couple of days have been having issues using the bathroom.  she will go but only a small amount.  i was looking at her anus today and when i was looking she got really mad but i noticed it was inflamed.  when i tried to clean it tonight because it was covered in poo she got really mad and i thought she was going to bite me.  i did change her food recently because im not sure what she was eating before.  someone brought it to me and it was in a bucket not a bag.  could that have caused the issue and will it go away or should i try to find out what she was eating before and go back to it?
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well first of all yes indeed STOP feeding something you aren't even sure what it is....I think your kitty is having a GI (gastrointestinal) problem with this new food, whenever you change a cats diet the change always has to be done slowly...by mixing a little at a time in with the old food, than gradually increasing the new one. or else there will be a GI upset. This must be anew kitty since your not sure what she was eating before.....What are you feeding her now? are you able to find out what her previous diet was?...
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she is now eating whiskas meaty selection.  I asked my mom what she got me before and it was science diet.  i have actually had her since she was 3 weeks old and i bottle fed her until she was about 6 weeks old and she was eating the other stuff since.  i will find out what he gets and get that until i can get more of what he gets i will borrow some of his food for her.  I have 4 other cats in the house 3 of them are almost 7 weeks old the the last is about a year old and out of the 5 she is the only one with the issue.  
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well i took bella off the other food yesterday and fed her canned food until i was able to get her the science diet today.  she is already doing a lot better and will be fine in a day or so.  thank you for your help
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thats great news....thanks for the update, hope to hear from you anytime we can be of any help...
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