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Are these Chiari Symptoms?

My MRI report shows I have cerebellar tonsillar ectopia 5mm.  My symptoms include: tingling in the hands and feet, headaches (but I'm also a migraine sufferer), upper neck pain, dizziness, ears feel full on and off, sometimes struggle for words.  He said he sees on MRI a Chiari Malformation 5mm but is not sure if the symptoms I have are chiari related because I have good balance and muscle strength.  He is referring me to a university hospital.  Do these symptoms sound like your chiari symptoms?  This has been going on since April and I am tired and frustrated.  Thanks.
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum,
Yes, what you mentioned could be Chiari....but I have to ask you a few questions. What happened in and around April when these symptoms presented? Did you have a fall, bump to the head or neck, were you sick?
Your migraines may be Chiari headaches too and not really migraines...as for the balance, since most are born with Chiari, we learn to compensate for symptoms we consider normal feelings or sensations since we always feel like that, we don't know any difference,that is until our normal feelings/sensations intensify due to an illness or a fall, or accident.
Chiari symptoms can be hidden for years, and they also tend to cycle, they come and go according to our stress and other sicknesses'.
I am not sure what being referred to a University Hospital entails....do they have Chiari specialists?
Have you had a CINE MRI? MRI'S of the brain, cervical spine, thoracic and lumbar spine? Have you had other related conditions ruled out?
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Most of us suffer from those symptoms and even more. So they easily could be chiari but it’s very important to know if you have a CSF obstruction or a syrinx. Surgery is done to restore flow and hopefully slow progression.

I’ve had 2 decompressions the first one in 2015 and second in 2019 plus 7 months ago had an icp monitor placed. You may be suffering with high icp judging by the ear fullness

Have you had your eyes looked at?
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