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Empty Sella?

I recently recieved my records from the Neurologist who dx my CM in 2003 and the report states that I have Empty Sella. I was never told about this, but it does explain alot of other symptoms. Has anyone else been dx with this? Also is a 7mm herniation considered mild?
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hi i also have partially empty sella on my first mri report done oct 2010. with a dx of chiari 1 4mm herniatin. i just had a recent mri done on 9/12/2011 and it now says 4-5 mm hernation but no mention of partially empty sella on this one, but i noticed the mri's were read by 2 diff dr.s. soooo stands to reason that diff docs see diff things! i never realized the connection between chiari and empty sella till now...thank u and selma. i will bring this up at my 1st appt w my new NS who is specialized in adult and pediactric chiari.       ***JENN***  aka GAGIRL
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  Hi, many with Chiari also have the dx of empty sella, not all but quite a few do, so this is not an uncommon dx.
Empty sella syndrome is a condition in which the pituitary gland shrinks or becomes flattened.(this can have an affect on ur monthly cycle, so do ask about it)

The size herniation can not dictate mild or severe, the amount of obstruction  and symptoms will...if u feel ur symptoms r mild and u know u do not have an obstruction of CSF then yes, u have mild chiari....

The way some Drs dx chiari as being mild is by the size of the herniation which I , along with a few  chiari drs do not agree with,...but, that is me, and them, and unfortunately not what most drs mean....

This is a big concern and issue for us when we go from Dr to dr there is not a constant way to dx or explain this condition.

  Did u have a more recent MRI?...2003 that is quite some time,....

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