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Syrinx C5-T5 51 year old female

am a 51 year old female. I have been having problems with memory, fatigue, numbness/tingling in (face,hands,arms,feet) 1-7 spasms everyday in (rib area, inner thighs, face, neck, feet & hands) for over 10+ years. Been through many test. Doctors say I have fibromyalgia.
In November I started falling, like I tripped but nothing is there. My left ear is having sharp pain and back of my head burning and itch on the same side. My arm feels like I have a vice grip squeezing it. The neurologist did an mri looking for MS and found a syrinx C5 to T5. He stated it’s nothing to worry about because I was probably born with it. Sent me to a neurosurgeon. Neurosurgeon did another mri and X-ray. He stated I have  degenerative disc disease and will need surgery soon. But not to worry about the syrinx because it is nothing.
I need a doctor or someone with knowledge about a syrinx.  
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I'm not a doctor, and not an expert on syringes. However, as a person with Chiari and small syrinx setting up at the moment, I know that for Chiari patients, a syrinx is generally compelling enough to get neurosurgeons that specialize in chiari malformations to do surgery to decompress the chiari and hopefully allow the syrinx to diminish, if not totally go away.

Do you have a chiari malformation?
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No... I don’t think so
I meant I have not been told that I have an Chiari. My left ear is bothering me a lot today
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

A Syrinx or the condition known as SYRINGOMYELIA is a elated condition to Chiari but you can have them and not have Chiari.....

To have a syrinx without Chiari typically  indicates you had some form of injury or trauma to that area of the body.....

A syrinx is something to be concerned about.....in fact for those with Chiari, surgery is done if there is a CSF obstruction and no syrinx, as surgery is done to help prevent the formation of one.....if one is present , surgery is done on hopes that the syrinx will shrink or resolve on it's own......

Do you have copies of your MRI's and the reports?
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Yes I do have copies of my MRI reports. I can not remember having an injury. The neurologist and neurosurgeon stated they think I was born with it. I am having sharp shooting pain in my left ear and burning pain in the back of my head on the same side. It sometimes itches and the top of my scalp is sore when I touch it. This is a new symptom that started a couple months ago. I went to a ENT doctor and he did test and stated its not coming from my ear but may be nerve pain
In addition to the reports, do you have copies of the MRI on disk?
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Yes I do
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You should then be able to make copies of the disks and send to Chiari specialists.....some will give you info /review for a nominal fee some for free......
Just because we are born with it doesn't make it a non issue or that we don't have symptoms. Keep pushing  for answers, you may need to see other Drs.
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Hi, I am 55, suffered so much in the past. The last 10 years have been good, the last 4 the best. I weight lift, run, bike ride and work FT, attend University. I try hard to not consume preservatives, no junk food, no sugars. I consume real natural foods, no acidic foods or carbonated drinks. I manage my proteins well, these are very important. No pain meds, Motrin once in a while.
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