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Why are we so tired? What is the explanation for that?i never feel not tired...compressing of the brain pArt that controls sleep and awakness??? Well for next xmas its got to be a new bigger skull ;))
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I remember reading something about how parts of the brain communicate to other parts of the brain chemically through the CSF. It might have been the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. God only knows what other messages aren't getting through. Plus yeah, your brain is all compressed uggg. I know that when I took a sleep study it said that I never get deep sleep so I'm sure that's really helpful :P
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Well hope apple is coming up with some intelligent communication solution soon lol...
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I don't know. I have chronic fatigue as well : [
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I am always tired. Its a struggle for me to get my boys off to school every morming, then i need to come home and take a nap. Yet i toss and turn all nght. I was told about 5 yrs ago by sleep study i have slight sleep apnea. Plus my uvula is oversized which closes my throat more. Never feel well rested, ever.
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  I always felt like this, and no matter how much sleep I had, I never felt rested....this was b4 surgery and then post op as well.

  Doing research on what the cause might be, I thought I had the answers when I was dx'd with Hashimoto's and if only I could get meds I would feel better...nope

Then I read about Vit D and B12...and thought ok...I'll try this...again it did not work....but, in reading I also found many with chiari also have EDS and we have mal absorption issues with vitamins taken naturally or thru supplements....I also know that the GERD meds inhibit absorption so 2 strikes against me.

In more research I found many of us with absorption issues and low D even when taking supplements have low levels of magnesium,  and without it we can not absorb the D....

Well I bought some and I slept better, and am still tired but not as fatigued as I was.....not sure till I get more tests if this helped with my absorption issues
but it also helped with my "IBS" issues as well.

  Yes many of it is from signals not getting thru the CSF....but once u have surgery and the flow is restored there must be more to it.

   JMHO from what I am reading.

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