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heart palpations

My son, age 24, has CM and suffers from heart palpitations, which we understand can be one of the effects of CM.  He has undergone thorough cardiac evaluation but nothing specific has come up.  He takes magnesium and toprol to reduce the palpitations but they don't always alleviate the problem. The palpitations are cyclical, so sometimes he is bothered by them and sometimes sometimes he is not.  Do any of you experience the same?  How do  you treat the situation?  Is this something that can be alleviated by decompression surgery.? He hardly is bothered by other CM symptoms.  Presently, he is visiting in Israel and is bothered by these symptoms.  It is making him nervous. I don't know quite how to advise him as he has been thoroughly worked up at home, here in California. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
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Thank you very much for the info and advice. I will most definitely pass it on to my son.
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Selma has a good point there..I also had that problem and I was just dx with Hashimotos recently. It seems that the two like to run together...

I had weird feelings in my chest for a long time and I had a stress test and I passed it with flying colors so it wasn't that... But I do think that Chiari can mess with your heartrate too. After all, the brainstem is what regulates your BP, respiration ect....so if it is being compressed it could cause these symptoms. For me, I would just try to breathe through the palpitations and not get too anxious about them b/c if you start to feel panicked it makes it so much worse. If it is being caused by Chiari then I imagine that it could be alleviated by surgery. My advice is to take your concerns to a Chiari specialist and try to get to the bottom of whether it is or isn't related. That would give you the best idea on how to proceed.

I hope that you find some answers soon!
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Hi...tell him to have his dr check him for Hashimoto's thyroiditis....a regular TSH will not show if he indeed has this issue...they need to run the TSH , free T3 and Free T4 TPO antibodies....

I just got my meds for this condition a month b4 my decompression and have not had the palps since....I also had a full heart workup to be sure it was not my heart.

Please let us know how ur DS makes out with this : )

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