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7 year old touching and initiating sexual behavior with 3 year old

My little boy is 3 years old and looks up to his 7 year old first cousin. They play together a lot of the time. Lately the 7 year old has been offering to take my little boy to the bathroom and "help" him do many things. I also have a demanding 18 month old. I allowed my little boy to get help from his cousin. I regret this and feeling upset at this situation. They were in the bathroom together the other day and maybe 5 minutes went by. To make a long story short I realized they were in there too long together and by that time they were coming out. They began sneaking around and whispering and the 7 yr old was telling my little boy to go to areas of the house where I was not. I kept following them and I walked into the play area, in a corner, my nephew's penis was hard and he was telling my little boy to take his pants down. My nephew also admitted that he stuck his finger to my little boy's anus, and he made him do the same to him. This came out after repeated different "stories". Also my son told me parts of it. Is this normal? I am feeling this is not and and very worried my nephew has been doing things to my son for awhile! I just cannot let my mind rest. I separated them. I don't want my little boy to play with my nephew anymore! Is this too strict? What should I do?
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You should definitely keep them separate. Nothing is too strict when you're protecting your little boy. Sure, kids do some sexual exploring, but no 3-year-old should be exposed to such behavior! Your nephew might need some help too.
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To danismom12 Wow, i have a 4yr old son who just turned 4 in july, and the only other kid in neighborhood across the street who is 8yrs old! I had problems with!! We dont associate with him or his mother anymore!! But i always had a bad feeling about "i dnt like this kid" they have 6 dogs and the living situation is very odd over there. Well 2 of their dogs had died within a month of eachother? And the last dog that died the 8yr old boy had a shovel and was smacking him with it, i hollared across the street stop that! So i believe he killed the dog, but another situation with another dog myself, the 8yr olds mother, and the neighbor next to them were all talking i wanted a shitzu well the neighbor that lived next door to them proceeded to tell the 8yr olds mom "hey remember that shitzu that you and your son had and he tried to burry it in a basket ALIVE" ??? I bout died when i heard that, i believe this other neighbor was indirectly wanting me to know that story.. And the mom had no response... Well she had also told me when i first moved here "watch your Dog and watch your Son"?????? As on to my other situation the 8yr old always would wait till his mom n i were talkin n distracted and would whisper and lure my 4yr old outta sight to usually back of house, well we had a lil playhouse and the 8yr old always would go in there with my son and shut the door so when i looked around there he was hunkerd down peepin outta top of playhouse door so i went over and said what r yall doin then he was actin weird and i opened the door my son was sittin on floor of playhouse in cornor! So i took door off well it just got worse so i threw the play house out well just the otherday see i had a chainlink fence put up around my house and 1 gate with a master lock . to keep that lil bastad out!! Sorry but well i didnt have it locked back after carrying groceries in and my lil guy was playing on swingset and it is right where i can see out kitchen door n windows while i cook! So next thing i see is this 8yr old swinging beside my son.. So i was like ok i can see them so it was ok!! Well his mom was not out there, and they kept going behind the house and did that like 3 times and i screamed at them yall need get on swingset quit going behind house where i cant see yall! So the mother finally came over and we were talkin well they went behind the house see the 8yr old is very good in planning his moves cause he knows when he can lure my son off so we were talking i had to interfupt the mother she seems to b oblivious to everything but anywho... They left and i was in kitchen giving my dog a treat and we do the paw shake trick then all the sudden my 4yr old stuck his finger thru my shorts like up my butt, and laughed!! Well it shocked me i asked him where he learned that?? He said its a game mommy!! I said oh who plays this game with u? He cried and said dont tell mommy please he had a melt down He told me the 8yr old did this!!which didnt suprise me :/ so i called his mom and told her what happened well?? She proceeded to tell me my son is a Liar and im a liar and she had to protect her son from my 4yrold baby, ??? Who has never experienced this behavior and i have always told him NOBODY IS TO SEE YOUR PRIVATES OR YOUR BUTT NOBODY ONLY MOMMY AND HIS DOCTOR! So he knows its wrong what the 8yr old was doing who has an avantage over my lil guy! I was very livid to her response!!! As i had quite a bit to say back as mothers we all protect our babies !! I told her he needs not come in my yard come anywheres close to my son and her son is a liar cause all she did was ask him what happened he said he didnt do it!!! And had no story in DETAIL LIKE MY 4YR OLD DID .. My baby doent know how to lie and he would not have brought it to me with all details and i also told her i will b taking my son to our family councelor for an evaluation and see if she can make since of this? Well ya know if she was any kind of mother i pop 0was hoping for hey lets get the guys together and talk about it tell them that is very wrong and teach them this is wrong but she wasnt open to that so that only tells me that shes hiding something he is adopted she adopted him at 3 days old and always seemed so very nice would help in anyway but boyyyy talk about flippin the scrip! I believe he is being abused he is going turn out to b a jeffery dalumor with all the animal abuse killings as once my son was playing on their porch with another older boy in the neighborhood and playing legos the other boy seen a babybird who apparently fell out of a nest next to porch well when the 8yr old seen it my son told me he said mommy the boy found the baby bird and said guess what the 8yr old did??? And he was crying he said he taked a big rock and smashed him, he hurt him cause he bleed!! :(  MY GOD I DONT UNDERSTAND??? So its very hard being neighbors and have gone from neighbors/friends to enimies/rivals? But it is wrong and i believe some in curiositity but somethings are taugh,being done to them or of course tv/internet!!! So glad for your post cause i could relate with your hurt and that we blame ourselves too but u just never know! But after this oh my eyes are wide open and have developed a i dnt Trust anyone? Ya know i also fell bad for the lil boy the 8yr old because well lets just say the mouth can say anything actions say everything??? Goodluck to u and ur son ;)
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