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28week premie delays

My son was born at 28weeks and is now 18 months. He is not talking, walking, standing. I am getting really worried and stressed. Everyone tells me he is fine and it will come with time.  I understand that but I have a feeling something is wrong. The doctors I have talked to keep telling me to just wait. I just feel he is so far behind and I think that there is more we could be doing for him. Has anyone else dealt with this before? Who should I talk to? He does have an Early Education teacher that comes out once a month, but she just plays with him. I don't really feel like we're getting anywhere with her. Please help!! I am so stressed out!
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He doesn't get any pt or ot?....He should be getting them....Give it time if your doctor seems fine with it...
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Go with your gut...You seem very stressed out about it so I would definately get him into pt or to see an ot.  Have you been given any exercises to help him learn these things?? I know for a baby born full term 18 months is the late side of walking so, I wouldn't be too concerned over that since he's a preemie.  Google PT exercises for gross motor delay.  This will give you alot of sites and some exercises you can do at home to get him going.  I personally would insist that his doc refer you to at least a PT.  Even if everything is perfectly fine it will help to ease your mind.  It's never fun not knowing...
My 9 month old sees a PT.  If you want some description on exercises to help him just PM me and I can elaborate.    
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