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Recently talking with someone, I came to the idea that it would be nice to hear from others who have eczema and what things they do or have done (with and without success) for their treatments.

So, what have other people done to help alleviate symptoms of eczema (perhaps cure?).  What have you done that did NOT work for your particular case.  Realizing that eczema medications don't always work for everyone and those that don't work for some work for others.... let's see if we can create a list of things that work and absolutely don't work (even old wives' tales) ....

Me:  Suffered from contact dermatitis on the exterior elbows, knees, and ankles most of my childhood; grew out of all but my elbows which are worse during the summertime.

Prescriptions:  Synalar
OTC:    Tide Free, Cetaphil cleanser

Things that sorta kinda worked:  
   mayonaise with wrapping with saran wrap
   tar oil  (smelled awful but with some success)

Daughter (3 yrs old now):  Suffered from moderate to severe eczema brought on by nervousness and allergies and hereditary since she was about a year old... mostly red raised areas all over, behind knees, in bends of elbows, tops of feet and wrists...very itchy, prone to open sores or cuts from nails... rapid appearance when hot, outside or nervous.... possible water issue.

   Elocon -- sorta worked for a while when first appeared
   Elidel  -- worked for a while after Elocon stopped working
   Atopiclair  -- used for a while for face (pretty good stuff)... my niece says it has worked for her face
   Protopic  -- used for a while on body (eh, it's ok)
   Hylira  -- overall moisture for the body; good but burns if there are open wounds
   Triamcinolone (with and without being combined with Eucerin)  -- used for a while, stopped working
   Betamethosone  -- used for a while, stopped working
   Desonide  -- currently using, has worked better than others
                     (face only to start, now all over body 3x week for maintenance)
   Desoximetasone -- currently using for hot spots; has worked well for now
   Mupricin (for staph)
   Clotrimzole and Betamethasone Diproprionate -- using for yeast with eczema spots on neck and diaper area
   Atarax (oral med) for itchies

   Freederm (did not work well)
   Tide Free
   Eucerin Cream (my preference and hers)
   Eucerin for Itchy Skin (awful when the skin is open)
   Cetaphil lotion/cream

So, what has anyone else used and to what success or failure?
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Recently my daughter had her 2 year old check up and her doctor suggested putting vasoline and a good amount at that on the area when its red or starting to flake. Something simple but it has seemed to help I have only used it for the past week so I dont know how long it will work for and she also only has a mild case I think.
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Aquaphor is an expensive version of vasoline.  Neither would work in our current state of breakout.  it might work if the case was minor, but not once it gets hold (or at least in our cases).  My skin could never tolerate vasoline for some reason.

One more in the "maybe/depends" pile!
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right now my son (16 months) has been battling eczema since 3 months old... none of the steroid cremes have worked, except as a very temporary relief...

extreme diet changes... all acids cause a flare (citric, oxalic, etc) and many other foods. we avoid all: dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, some beans, corn, and all nightshade vegtables/fruit: tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplant etc....

we do a 3 step skin treatment after bath and all day long:
coconut oil, lotion of choice and thick vasaline like cream...

the main thing that is helping now is a homeopathic doctor using remedies: sulphur and graphites...

good luck!
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I have extreme eczema and I use cortisone and the sensitive skin lotion Cetaphil. However, to make matters worse my face recently broke out with these tiny bumps and all over my body including my face and scalp feel itchy and crawly. Does anyone know what's going on??? I'm scheduling a dermatologist visit soon but I need relieve like yesterday. Help!!!
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I agree with you about hearing from others with eczema. I am 17 and have had it since I was at least 6 weeks old, as well as allergies, my parents put me in my crib with fresh sheets and about 15 minutes later I was bright red. I was allergic to the detergent they used, I now have to have free and clear detergent and no perfumes or dyes in everything. I am allergic to soap and have to use a special type. My eczema was controllable until I was 12 right after I got my first period it became uncontrollable. I saw a dermatologist, an infectious disease doctor, and an allergist. I was put on most of the same medicines as your daughter at one point or another as well as high dose prednisone ( a steroid). The Prednisone caused my hair to thin and I lost a lot of my strength. Between the winters of when I was 13 and 14 I got MERSA about 5 times due to my skin being so cut open. The allergist had no idea what to do with me because we couldn't do blood allergy test because I reacted to everything they tested for. The summer before my freshman year of high school we changed allergist and the new one did skin testing for environmental allergies as well as for an allergy to progesterone, because it got bad after I got my first period they thought it might be related. My eczema has got way better since we started doing shots for six of the things I am allergic to.
Sorry this is so long hopefully it helps.
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I had eczema the first 19 years of my life. I had a severe reaction as a child to ANY and ALL sugar and citrus (which are very common causes) and though untested I found that I am allergic to Dairy by simply cutting it out of my diet all together... My eczema faded or went away completely in a warm humid environment (Miami+Texas) and returned in non humid environments both warm and temperate (N Cali + Oregon +Washington State + Montana) My eczema would not go away in the winters we washentonians get to save my life. i tried everything my entire life from cephelexin to aveeno, aquaphore to Eucerine, oatmeal baths to cold showers, Triamcinelone to clobetesol. homemade beeswax salves to burts bees everything, I always had hypoallergenic EVERYTHING, My clothes were special, my lotions were special my bedding was special, I didnt share anything with friends for fear of breaking out... My WHOLE LIFE I had Eczema. Then when i was 20 i started eating better, more salads and organic foods... I cut out everything from my diet but green veggies and fruits, for 2 weeks, then only organic veggies and fruits and nuts for 2 weeks and slowly added things back in and I noticed instantly that my diet had a ton to do with it... I had already stopped eating dairy but I added soy and eggs and meat etc etc back into my diet... it turns out when I eat red meats and Dairy and processed or packaged food I get my eczema right back as it was, but If i dont eat it it goes away and stays away... Nothing worked for me my entire life (My skin was so bad if i moved my neck a quarter of an inch in any direction it would crack ooz and bleed) Now i have no issues and can use fragrances and I use Nivea Lotion and Utter Creame and only use Ponds and Amway products for my face. Changing my lifestyle changed my skin. Dr's told me my eczema would never subside, and would end up as sariasis... I proved them wrong. :) I went from the girl everyone mocked at in Highschool and taunted about her skin, overweight and pimply with the worst eczema i have ever seen or herd of  to the girl with radient skin that people look at in awe... just saying... make some diet changes and continue using the right creams for your child... dont listen to others so much as you listen to your guts and to your child. i couldnt use Eucerine at all because it burned like Fire.... and taking luke warm to cold showers Helps.... sadly it doesnt feel pleasent but it helps!!! also when its very itchy rather than buying anti itch creams try using ice on it directly one ice cube and melt it on the skin till its gone... helped me a lot... ill pray for your child! -Rose
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Vasaline is NOT GOOD FOR ECZEMA!!! NEVER USE VASALINE PRODUCT ON IT. It is a mock fix... this from someone who had eczema for 19 years.
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Sorry to keep adding to what i have said but i keep recalling helpful things,

STAY VIGELENT Untreated eczema is the same as only semi-treated eczema, dont just apply lotion 1x per day. apply it 3-5x per day as well as any prescriptions. after every shower, before bed (even if you just showered an hour ago) when you wake up, My schedule for 13 years was
wake up lotion rx ointment
eat breakfast lotion
go play, rinse in luke warm shower, lotion
dinner lotion
bed lotion rx ointment
i rinsed off every day but only bathed with soap when i needed to 2-3x per week. I ALWAYS bathed with cephalexin FACE cleanser after coming in contact with chlorine or a pool or any other irritant
also make sure your child care provider KNOWS WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG FOR ECZEMA I had a child care provider douce me in calomine lotion which is the easiest way to get eczema to go from bad to hospitalize... TALK TO THE TEACHERS. they need to be understanding of the treatment your child needs for eczema. boys have an easier time with Eczema than girls do because of the outlook the world has on beauty, my step son (his mom lets his go untreated) and he doesnt get any unwanted attention like i did even at the best of times from my eczema. My daughter had it when she was born and i changed her diet to a plant based diet and hers is only 1 patch on her leg now that i am treating. You are what you eat... Packaged and processed food is BAD bakery items not made at home or that are not dairy FREE ARE BAD. dairy is BAD... Vaseline is a mockery... Life can be so good with clear skin... I have been 1.5 years eczema free... Please listen I am not a vegetarian and not one of those Dont eat meat or youll die people but i went from being unhealthy and sad and covered in dry skin to HAPPY healthy and my skin is soft... try it... try it all... If you live in a non humid climate by humidifiers for your home. warm air is best for dry skin... Hope im helpful!
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OOh1 im sorry pregnesone is a nasty one... There is hope for your eczema... i had it very very bad... feel free to talk to me... i was where you are a few years ago... :( i also got MRSA twice in HS... and that left me suceptable to scabies.... which then i got MRSA again after that whole ordeal... I also am getting allergy shots!!! i am allergic to my climate... All the trees and grass on the west coast! Im glad to hear yours got better! Sounds like you and I have quite a bit in common! Good to know I am not alone!
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Write that sounds like what im going through! I recently went to a dermatologist and was given triamcinolone ointment for my ezcema, but Mines is very mild.  It gets Worse If I eat or drink study things,  and diary,  although strangely soy milk seems to get rid of the redness and the uncomfortable flaking and peeling sometimes.  What I do is sometimes ill put either green tree tea oil,  or a non oil eucalyptus lotion if it starts to feel like burning or itching.  When I drink matcha green tea,  which is crushed green tea leaves,  the redness goes away and almost resembles the surrounding skin.  Although I haven't been able to get rid of it completely.  The eczema on my scalp is worse,  is right aLong the hairline,  and causes an intense itch and redness,  and its started to make my scalp really dry,  yet  the same time my hair gets oily and starts to shed on areas were the patches are really red and itchy.
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