We found mold in our house & had it sent of to find out the type. The types are: Acremonium, Chaetomium, Trichoderma & non-sporulating fungi. We have a 2 year old daughter & a 8 month old son. Our son had a cough for 2+months that would not go away no matter what we did. He ended up with walking pneumonia & got better once we gave him antibiotics. But, within a few days he was coughing again & the M.D. said it was getting back in his lungs & he was wheezing. We moved out of our house & within 24 hours the wheezing had stopped. My daughter has nose bleeds about every 2-3 months. We have not moved back in & since this is classified as "non-toxic" molds should we move back in or not?
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I just thought I would give you a little bit of information on this subject. Mold is nothing to mess with. My grandmother had alot of mold in her home. She became ill and it was kind of a mystery to her Doctor and also local ER Doctors. She has allergy symptoms for years. Then about 3 years ago she kept getting a stiff neck and fogginess with her mind, fatigue and alot of other symptoms. FINALLY after MRI's, blood work, etc. she had to be admitted to the hospital. They were going to do a spinal tap to check a few things out. I had mentioned to the Doctors that she had alot of mold in her home and I read about Cryptococcal Meningitis that can be caused from molds, bird droppings, etc. She didn't have any birds around, but she sure had the mold!! And low and behold, she had Cryptococcal Meningitis. It starts in the spinal area and goes to the brain, and then the blood stream if left untreated, like hers did because nobody knew what it was. She was taking the medication for it, which is some kind of antifungal antibiotic, but it makes me sad to say it just caused all of these health problems to attack her system and she passed away not even a year after her diagnosis. People do not take this stuff seriously, and I am here to tell you it is deadly. The people who owned the house didn't want to hear it and moved their daughter and grandchildren in after knowing what happened to my Grandmother. I thought it was very selfish. Please make sure if you move back into your home that you have the mold cleaned up or taken out. It is not wise to breath in the spores, nor to expose children to it. Their immune systems are not strong enough to fight it off.  Good Luck
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I would not mess with mold either. My daughter is very allergic to 3 kinds of molds. When she is exposed to them her asthma goes crazy. Molds for people with weak immune systems (children) or with chronic problems should try to stay away!
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Mold growth in homes, schools, and businesses should be eliminated for the sake of human health, structural integrity, and quality of life. Cleaning up small amounts must be done by homeowners.
If these are highly toxic or non toxic but they harm your loved ones indirectly.
In my opinion you must hire a best mold removal specialist.
Or change the place.
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