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please help me!!!!!my son won't stop blinking

my son is 6 years old, he has suffered from allergies since birth. We have had him tested and found out all that he is allergic to. My problem is that my son blinks like his eyes are strained, His eyes are red and tired, we tried allergy eye drops, that helped with the redness, but he continues to blink eyes, they go to the left. I thought maybe his allergy medicine was drying his eyes out , so we stopped eye drops, and adminster only lubricating drops. It is so bad now that my son moves his whole head,(chin down to left and brings upward with his eyes). We have been to eye doctor had vision tests done, no bluring just think it has to do with allerges. This happened last spring and now in the fall stopped over summer. Does he need vision therapy, are his muscles so strained and over tired  that he is suffering? He does this in class , this happenes all day and progresssively gets worse by end of day. what should I do?
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I have heard of eye blinking as a symptom of a mineral deficiency, magnesium or calcium.

My son suddenly developed "allergy eyes" at the age of eight. He became extremely light sensitive, and his eyes also rolled to the left when he blinked. It turned out to be the first symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, but I didn't know it then. I took him to an allergist, and a vision specialist, and we tried vision therapy for three months. His symptoms were better during the summer, but it might have been because the stress of school was eliminated and his adrenal glands were handling things better, I don't know. Also, I took him for NAET treatments that first summer he had symptoms, since the allergist said he was allergic to cat hair and grass. The NAET got rid of the cat and grass allergies, but his eye problems continued.

Long story short, my son takes hydrocortisone daily for his endocrine disorder, and this controls the eye problems (except the light sensitivity, which is still a problem, but is better). I doubt your son's eye problem is adrenal insufficiency, but if he's experiencing a lot of stress, it's something to keep in mind. We saw a lot of eye doctors before we discovered the real problem, from an endocrinologist.

You might ask a nutritionist about the mineral deficiency possibility.

Best Wishes,

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hi~ I would say from personal experience with my 5 year old to check out PANDAS-- It is a pediatric disorder associated with strep infection. My son has intermittent, episodic eye blinking and throat clearing and though he does not have any signs of strep (sore throat or fever), he has strep when this occurs. Ask the dr to do a strep culture and if negative, run an ASO to get the strep titer and see if it is elevated. Hope this helps!
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Hi -- has the doctor recommended anything for dry eyes at all ?  That may be something to ask about .. dry eyes cause a sand like feeling and makes one blink alot as though they have sand in their eyes.  This happened to my very allergic daughter and she used otc Gen Teal drops.  But do ask your doctor for sure.

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Investigate Vernal Allergic Conjunctivitis. It is more common among boys than girls. I know a lot about it as I spent years arguing with my doctor about my sons eyes. It was stressful for me and debilitating for him! He is now 14 and after suffering for approx 12 years seems to have grown out of it. (Touch wood)

These things will help-

-oral antihistamines daily (clarentyne is non drowsy)
-Zaditen eyes drops on mild days (no prescription required)
-steroid eye drops for bad days ( this is where your fight comes in with regular GPs doctors! Most state "one eye bacterial, two allergy". No!!! This is wrong! You CAN have only one eye at a time affected and also sometimes both eyes. They will also say discharge means bacterial infection. No!! Vernal Allergic Conjunctivitis has a white string like discharge. You will know it when you see it. Fight for the drops for your sons comfort)
-cold compresses -(we used to wet a face washer/flannel and wrap a ice pack inside it. My sons used these daily for years!)
-if there is white stringy discharge you can clean the eye with soft muslin and saline solution.

I would like someone not to have to go through what we went through so if I can help in any way please email me ***@****

I wish you all the best.

I need info about this! These symptoms sound just like what I'm experiencing right now! My email address is: natalia.***@**** I need direction as I went to urgent care yesterday & they didn't take my eye issues serious.  
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