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Medications for your pain!

What pain medications are you currently taking?
   I'm currently taking Methadone 10 mg.tablets /  2 tablets 3 times daily / 6 tablets daily maximum / 180 tablets prescribed monthly.
   Oxycodone 20mg. tablets / 2 tablets 3 times daily / 6 tablets daily maximum / 180 tablets prescribed monthly.
    Lyrica 50 mg. capsules / 2 tablets twice a day / 2 tablets daily maximum / 60 capsules prescribed monthly.
       I also take a vitamin D supplement.
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Shinty, how have you been? I haven't seen you around, is everything OK?

Well to answer your post I am on 10/325 percocet 3x a day, 10mg baclofen 3x a day, 800mg ibuprofen 3x a day, and  50mcg synthyroid 1x a day. I also take vitamins: B complex, C, d with calcium, fish oil, and CoQ10.
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fyntonal 50 oxy soma delodid off and on

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What is the best forum to join regarding methadone and pain management?  I'm new here and am on the following medications:

Methadone: 150 mgs

Gabapentin  3600 mgs

Klonopin 2 mgs TID

Effexor ER  150 mgs ID

Prialt:  Infused via Pain Pump

Creon 24,000 Units w/ Meals
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there are two groups chronic pain fibromyalgia are the main ones there's one for every thing
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