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My Symptoms & Is This CFS?

Hello! I've just recently started researching my symptoms even though I've been feeling crappy for 2 years now. From what I've read, CFS is clearly the closest to what I've been feeling. About 2 years ago, my symptoms included chronic lower back pain & low grade feverish aches throughout my body. Since I worked in an office environment, I wanted to exercise outdoors to get more energy since I believed my achy feeling was due to lack of activity. The moment I started walking with a neighbor, that ended a week later because I had a super strong menstrual cycle that lasted a whole month! I was 43 at the time & doctors in the ER ruled out anything serious but it caused me to stop exercising again. Then all seemed normal again so I did some indoor cardio workouts in my home then got the flu soon after. Tried again a couple of weeks later, same thing got ill once more & another cold/flu again after. Also, for a couple of years now I've been getting serious nap attacks that only lasts 10 minutes at a time. Felt like that narcoleptic character from the movie Moulin Rouge who would just fall down & sleep. My husband started getting concerned with me driving. I once had a nap attack in a public area (which I would NEVER do!) in the middle of a picnic area with kids screaming & running around & didn't hear a peep! Today I still feel the strange radiating low grade feverish aches all throughout my body usually at around 5 pm. And the worst symptom I have is my strong sense of smell! I have an immediate reaction to cigarette, air cleansing sprays, any cleaner actually & perfumes & colognes. My insides feel like my lungs are on fire! My throat also feels like they will constrict & close up. I'm sure with what I've researched that stress affects the adrenal glands & causes all this & is emotional as well because the timing of these episodes happen before & after work. It completely debilitates me on the weekends. I'm not able to catch up on chores & personal stuff. It just sounds like I'm crazy to others I confide in but so glad I found this forum to see others wonder about what is happening to them as well.
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Being deficient in vitamins and mortals can wreak havoc on your body. You can get it checked with blood work.

Vitamin D, Magnesium RBC, vitamin B12, potassium, Calcium, iron/ferritin.
Low normal range is still bad and can cause symptoms.

I'm recovering from iron deficiency and D. Still trying to balance other vitamins and minerals because I'm not symptom free.
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