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Esophageal Varices...to band or not?

I have a new gastro, my previous gastro has retired. I was dxd in 2012 with cirrhosis after the previous gastro found 2 grade 2 non bldg varices.   I am on 100 mgs propranolol am and 100 mgs propranolol pm.  Now I have a new gastro who has mentioned scheduling an egd and suggested if have varices, he would like to band them. My last EGD was done in 2012.  I have rheum arth along with sjogrens which does a number on my throat anyway along with the other overlapping r/a issues.  I have not had anything that would indicate a bleed.  I've read alot of info on whether to band varices or stick with only the beta blockers.   I've heard stories about bandings and how awry they can go for some people.  I've had one transplant dr (previously on the site)  tell me not to mess with it.  so I am confused on what to do.  My labs have been pretty good.  Just had an mri which went well.  It seems like choosing between banding or propranalol doesnt give a clear option.    RIP Hector.  you will be missed more than you know.  
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Hi Paula I had grade 1 varicies so the plan was to check again in 2 years. So 2 years later I had grade 2 new plan was to check in a year. Following year grad 3 varicies doctor and I discussed beta blocker but from what I read the goal is to reduce resting heart rate to around 60 but my resting heart rate is already about 60 or sometimes less so the only option I had was to band. I did not have any red wale marks just grade 3 varicies.

I had to undergo one upper EGD a month for 4 months to get all the varicies eradicated. That was in 2013 since then I have been having upper EGD's every year to check for recurrence and so far knock on wood they had not redeveloped.

Personally I feel better about having undergone the bandings. I feel safer about not having a bleed and like I said I really did not have a choice anyway.

Good luck to you
Thank you.... I am solo here and I would need to find a person to drive me back from my surgery.  I just moved to the area.  did you have any problems with the banding?  soreness?  
It kind of felt like a piece of meat was stuck in my throat for a couple of days. I tried to eat a bagel big mistake lol.

If you have banding done stick with softer food for a couple of days until the banded tissue can slough off.
Check with the facility doing the procedure if they have suggestions about a ride.

You should also have that person stick around for a while post to make sure you dont have complications or burn the house down trying to cook while you are medicine impaired
Oh I am not cooking.  LOL  I don't cook much since I'm solo.     Thank you...  I only eat soft foods now anyway.  I cant eat pasta or rice, any starches.  I will see him on the 15th.  Ive been on the propranolol since 2012 when they were first discovered.  No wale marks.  I will call the hospital and see what they can tell me.  I have people here but a lot don't drive and I just moved here.  My daughter doesn't drive.   Thank you so much!
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Dear Lynn, thank you so much for sharing your story.

Vitamin C is a nutrient that is needed to manufacture the elastic fibers collagen and elastin, which keep the walls of the veins and arteries flexible and strong. This helps the vascular walls resist pressure and contract after dilating due to blood flow. It also keeps the valves of the veins from leaking. A daily dose of 1000mg should really help make a difference. Diagnosed 6 ½ years ago (cirrhosis with grade 3 varices) and never showed a sign of wale markings or Cherry-red spots.

I hope this helps,


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