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New here....My dad has decompensated cirrhosis

Hi all. My dad has been an alcoholic for at least 40 years. He was drinking a 12 pack a day. We noticed he started turning yellow about a year ago. Long story short, we found out he has cirrhosis in June of 2023. The doctor told him that it is turning to decompensated and that if he didnt stop drinking that day back in June, he would have only a 50% chance of being alive in 1-2 years. Well he didnt stop drinking, he just lies to us about it and is very sneaky. His color is even worse, eyes are yellow, face is yellow with some redness. He has bruises all over his body and has lost weight. We have done an intervention, I have written him a letter asking him to get help, but nothing works. I love my dad dearly but I am so worried he is going to die in his sleep soon. Anyone that has been through this with a loved one, do you think he has much time left? Does this progress quickly? And most of all, how do you help someone that doesnt want help? I hate sitting here watching him kill himself but we also cant force him to stop.....I feel so lost.
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This is so sad.
Your dad is addicted to alcohol and can’t stop even though it’s killing him.
Sadly, there’s nothing you can do.
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