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What does Coarse echo pattern mean

I am 51, ultrasound showed coarse echo pattern, normal liver size smooth surface biliary channeles not dilated portal vein not dilated and no focal lesion.impression is normal abdominal but assessment of hepatitis is recommended. Would you please tell me what does coarse echo pattern mean in my case. Thanks
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“Coarsened hepatic echotexture is a sonographic descriptor where there uniform smooth hepatic echotexture of the liver is lost. This can occur due to number of reasons which include:

conditions that cause hepatic fibrosis 1
various types of hepatitis 3
particularly chronic hepatitis
conditions that cause cholestasis
choledochal cysts: probably from secondary cholestasis 3
certain bile duct tumors: will also usually show of accompanying biliary duct dilatation
biliary atresia 3
diffusely infiltrating hepatic metastases
hepatic lymphoproliferative diseases
hepatic lymphoma: although generally presents as a focal liver disease
hepatic leukemia
small multiple biliary hamartomas
as a hepatic manifestation of sickle cell disease.
metabolic abnormalities
hepatic amyloidosis 5
glycogen storage disease 3”

To know what this means in your case you should discuss this with your doctor. This I a patient support community there are no medical professionals here and we cannot diagnose any medical condition. Even a medical professional would need more information from additional testing to be able to make a specific diagnosis for your situation.
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Thank you for the information, I am expecting full blood test result and EGD next week ,  but I am worried about the term coarse echo pattern.
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The ultrasound sees the surface texture of the liver which should be smooth. Apparently your liver has a coarse surface texture which could indicate the liver disease or scarring.
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This means you do not have a liver disease if you did it would say Nodule but your liver is smooth
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That's the case with ESLD
Thank you very much and I appreciate your responses
the Ultrasound puts me in the middle of nowhere, I got confused of its result. I couldn’t understand smooth liver at the same time coarse echo pattern, the rest is normal. Dr. also was hesitated, at the first time said everything is OK, then said wait we have to do some blood test in case. That is why I shared the result in the patient support community and I know many of you experts, and have a lot of information and gave very good advises  
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My abdominal ulttasound says coarse echotexture  consistent with cirrhosis. Mine does not say nodules my liver surface is not smooth it is coarse
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Maybe the mean there is a smooth surface in the   Billary channels hard to say for sure what they mean
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