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red palms

Hello, I am new here! I have 2  questions

I was drinking beer up til almost a month ago, from Christmas til after Easter, I noticed my palms were speckled red, and blotchy...I googled that and it said liver disease! Does all red palms mean cirrhosis?

Also, I am trying to eat right and exercise, and I have a lot of belly fat going on...I can grab it and jiggle it, I am up about 20 lbs...The beer and Easter and Christmas candy..or ascites? How do I know the difference???


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The red palms you are describing and also ascities would be a symptom of advanced liver disease which takes decades of heavy drinking to develop

Lay off the beer and calories and get to the gym
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Yes what you describe COULD be a symptom of advance liver disease. We are not doctors and can't make a medical diagnosis of advance liver disease.

Have you reported these symptoms to your primary doctor and or other specialists. If so what have they told you and have they run any tests and have you been informed of any results.

If you haven't done this yet I strongly urge you in my non medical opinion to do it.

Best wishes and please update us on what your doctor says and test results.  Then if you have any questions it will be easier to offer our non medical suggestions.
I've had red palms from the age of 12.   Obviously not a drinker but for certain individuals it can be a somewhat uncommon experience.  Was told mine was due to thin skin.
If in fact you are a big drinker you may want to pay attention.  Hope you can find answers.
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