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Am I at risk of getting Hantavirus?

Hi! Hantavirus is virtually not known around my neighborhood, but I am asking here because of my recent encounter with a deer mouse. I was walking down a street 8 days ago and noticed a dead mouse on the street. It had some excreta and some blood outside of its anus, probably because someone stepped on its body. I did not think too much and kicked it into nearby bushes.

I did manage to take a photo of the rodent. Later, I realized that it was indeed a deer mouse. I am starting to panic about whether I might get infected with Hantavirus. It has been a week, and I listed some of the unusual conditions I am having: I am feeling a bit of lethargy (although it is spring and I have been feeling sleepy even before kicking the deer mouse), and I had diarrhea and nausea yesterday (but because of eating bad food, walking out in the Minnesota cold, or my habit of taking quick naps right after eating). I am also feeling a bit of muscle weakness and slight tremors on fingers. However, I have been taking body temperatures ever since 3 days ago and not once did I get a fever (in fact, my body temperature stayed at about 96 to 97 degrees and NEVER reached 98). I also had some stomach discomfort but absolutely NO muscle pain, shortness of breath, fever, or loss of appetite. I also noted feeling much better when walking outside (and almost immediately feeling tired again after I come back) and also feeling much better at night.

I have consulted both my college clinic and medical store. Indeed, Minnesota has only seen no more than 3 cases of Hantavirus infections since 1993 and nobody cares. Well, I also believe that it is hard to ever catch the virus, but I have already planned on going on vacation five days later and I really do not want to cancel it. I am also going to visit the clinic tomorrow to see if there is anything they can do. Meanwhile, I really want to ask whether any of you have seen similar symptoms and I am really needing your advice right now.
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