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Cold, chronic back pain and cataract

Hi doctor
1.chronic low back pain,shifting from lower back to hip region ( at least 4 years old)
2. low hunger
3. laziness and weakness
4. fever and sometimes hands and legs go warm after daytime
5. sometime very fatigued shoulders when i get up
6. i cough whenever i try to laugh loudly
7. cough sometime at night, usually after exposure to cold
8. nonstop continuous sneezing whenever i came in contact of
cold water and cool surroundings, usually washing my face
9. nose is blocked partially or fully whenever i come in
contact of cool surroundings
10.sometimes a water-like dilute colorless liquid comes out
from my nose
11.the type of cough is nonproductive(without any matter) cough
12. sometimes i feel a little feverish at night.
13. my eyes are usually dry and whenever my eyes come in contact
of cool air they start drying and irritation starts in my
14. sometimes acid re-flux (heartburn).
thank you for your time. any hhelp will be highly appreciated.
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I am not a doctor, but do have some thoughts on what may be causing you these problems.

Low back ache shifting to your hip area is likely to be problems with your lower back an xray or other imaging would show if there is a degenerative condition with your bones.

With the watering nose, non productive cough, dry eye, sneezing and blocked nose is very much likely to be an allergic reaction.

With acid reflux do not eat too much all in one go and cut out fried and heavily spiced foods.  

Make an appointment to see your doctor to check out the problems that you have so that you can get a correct diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

An antihistamine may help with your dry eyes, sneezing, etc.
The doctor can prescribe a lubricant or drops for your dry eye problem.
There are medications available for acid reflux that can be purchased from the pharmacy, and a doctor can prescribe medications or arrange a barium meal xray to find out if there is a problem with the stomach that is causing the acid reflux.  Omeprazole, Gaviscon are some of the meds used for acid reflux.  The doctor may prescribe a different one.  But keeping your meals small and not fried and highly spiced and cutting down on alcohol consumption can also help.  Do not eat and drink for a few hours before bedtime.  

You may benefit from gentle exercises to build up the strength in your muscles.

Your doctor may wish to take a blood test to check for any anaemia, diabetes or other illness that he may suspect.  Anaemia (lack of iron causing low red corpuscles) can leave you feeling "lazy" and tired.  Pain due to arthritic changes can also make you feel tired.
Your doctor may also do a lung function test (blowing into a flow metre) to see if you have asthma.

Make sure that you have a healthy and well balanced diet with fresh fruit and vegetables.  Drink water and other liquids so that you do not become dehydrated.

For cataracts, there is not much you can do about that, apart from protecting your eyes from the sun's rays and drinking water.  Cataracts do form as we age and having dry eyes certainly does not help.  Lacrilube is an ointment that is applied to the eyes to help with dry eyes.

Do make an appointment to see your doctor about your issues.

Best wishes.
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Thank you so much jemma116 for giving your valuable time to respond to my query.
Your suggestions are proving very helpful to me. thanks again n take care :)
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