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Cold or not? What can I take to help immune system from getting sick again?

So like a month ago or less I went to the doctor and they said I had sinus infection went back a week later and said I had bronchitis that could’ve turned into pneumonia. So I was on an antibiotic, cough syrup, inhaler,steroid( second steroid since the first round didn’t work- initially I went to an urgent care which they gave me meds I’ve never heard of) anyway.. my symptoms went like this- sore throat for a couple of days, then feeling sick to my stomach like a lot of mucus in my stomach, blowing nose like crazy, headaches, feeling weak, then I developed a cough. this took like 2and a half weeks to get over. Now a couple of days ago I was getting bad headaches that last almost all day, sore throat, been blowing my nose a lot, and yesterday I got that weak feeling again in my stomach like I was gonna pass out and I got it again like 20 min ago. I don’t understand why this keeps happening but I don’t like it. I want to enjoy my summer. I don’t get the feeling weak part either. That makes it even worse. Like it makes me feel out of it and warm and like I need to lie down immediately.
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Hello, you have to take a lot of vitamins and eat a lot of fruit to prevent it, doctors will not always tell you what is wrong because they usually don't want to
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It's summer - it's a big time for allergies. Even if you've never experienced allergies before, they can develop at any time.

Or are you exposed to something new? Are you living in a house with mold? Working in a building with mold?

Allergy-proof your house as much as you can - vacuum regularly, get new hypoallergenic pillows (old pillows hold a LOT of dust and all kinds of nasties) and get allergy covers for them. Get an allergy cover for your mattress, especially if it's older. I have severe allergies, and get a new pillow about every 6 months or so - I can tell when I need a new one if I wake up congested with a headache or not. None of these should be very expensive - allergy covers for pillows go for about $10 in the US. You can get a hypoallergenic pillow for under $20, etc. At least cover the pillow your head rests on. You don't necessarily have to do all the pillows on your bed.

Get an air purifier for your house, or at least your bedroom.

You can buy a mold testing kit at a hardware store or amazon for less than $50. This is an article on Amazon about mold testing - http://bit.ly/moldtesting (I shortened it because the link was LONG.) If you aren't in the US, your prices may vary.

If you are concerned something else may be going on, ask for a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, or an Allergist.

I hope you find some relief soon.
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Oh and you can try vitamin C, echinacea, or any other immune boosting products, but if there is an allergy or mold or something causing this, it won't do any good.



Also, make sure you aren't smoking, wash your hands frequently, and are getting enough sleep (sure, I know that's easy when you have bronchitis).

Feel better!
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