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Common cold and night sweat?

I've had a cold for 6 days now, it started with cough and the usual sore throat, then runny nose and all these typical symptoms, no fever.

Right now my sore throat and runny nose are gone and I'm only left with cough and clogged ears.

Tonight I woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, I'm a skinny guy and I don't usually sweat so this has worried me a little. Should I worry or is this normal with a cold?
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Meet the doctor only he can confirm.
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Well, I know doctors are trained professionals able to emit diagnoses and answer medical questions but going to a doctor costs money, and I thought the point of these sites was to ask other people about stuff before making the decision to go to a doc.

In any case tonight I got some bedclothes off and I didn't sweat anymore, so I guess it was just the bug rising my temperature a bit during sleep or something.

Answering my own question after doing some research, in case someone wonders the same and stumbles upon this post, if you have only one or two night sweat episodes, don't give it any importance. This symptom is only even considered a "symptom" if it happens regularily, that is, every single night for weeks.
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