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Diagnosed with a lower respiratory infection that just won't get better?

I've been sick for about 3 months. First I just thought I had a sinus infection so I started taking some mucinex fast max severe sinus liquid capsules. I ended up going thru two boxes of those and my symptoms never lessened. So I switched to clearquil by NyQuil and I just got worse. I never have had a fever but I cough a lot and my cough is not very productive just minuscule amounts of dark thick yellow phlegm. And it felt like my chest and lungs just hurt. I ended up going to the doctor about 2 1/2 months into being sick I just couldn't handle the coughing all night long. I couldn't sleep but an hour or two all night for coughing so much and they first thought I had walking pneumonia but after lung and chest x rays they said my lungs were perfectly clear and completely normal so they diagnosed me with a severe lower respiratory infection. They gave me a breathing treatment in office and I left with 4 prescriptions. Prednisone (not a pack but the kind in a bottle that you wean yourself down from), Augmentin (2x a day), albuterol for a breathing machine (every 4 hours), and liquid phenergan that had cough syrup mixed in with it (2 tsp every 6 hours or as needed for cough). I took all medicine as prescribed the same times every day and now all my medicines are gone and I am still sick. The only difference is it helped my cough some and I can sleep thru the nights now but I'm just not better yet. I cough up yellow phlegm still (more than I did before meds) and now the congestion has went to my head and my nose just pores dark yellow snot now. I don't know if I was misdiagnosed or just one condition has led to another but I would love some input! I'm a 25 year old female with normally good health.
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First of all never take medicines on your own. Our bodies develop resistance to anti biotic, etc.
Don't blow your nose too hard as that worsens the sinus and headache.
Make sure your room is clean and free from dust and mites, as i sense an allergy, something like Asthma
Avoid exposure to cold, cold air.

Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day, warm, especially when the winters are at the corner.
Take vitamin C. 500 to 1500 mg per day, including Zinc in safe recommended dose.

Grind some ginger and pour boiling water over it and drink that, or add some leaves of tea and honey as well. Honey is very good.

And for cold boil some cinnamon barks and serve with honey. And for cough add some licorice roots and poppy seeds as well.

Try inhaling steam as it helps with congestion.

Try this recipe for the cough
Grind the following herbs, each half a teaspoon and mix with three ounces molasses and then use one teaspoon in a cup of hot tea,:
Skunk Cabbage, Horehound, Ceyenne Pepper, Bayberry bark and powdered Valerian root.

Keep me informed of how you are doing and I hope this helps, for I may suggest a few more recipes as per your condition.

As you have completed your medicine course, these signs you experiencing may be associated with healing now. Have patience and do try the natural treatments, as they would benefit you without causing any harm.
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