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Is bright red blood when urge to have bowel movement always a sign of cancer?

Intermittent bright red blood with bowel movements for several years. Have asked all my docs about it and a couple have done cursory exam but see nothing. Just suggested usual creams, soaks, etc. I did see a gastroenterologist in October who had me get stool samples to check for parasites etc and that was all clear. Over past several months bleeding has been more frequent and just past couple days alarmingly more of it. I had a clean negative colonoscopy in March of 2013 so a colonoscopy wasn’t mentioned till I saw my doctor two days ago. She couldn’t even examine me for the mix of blood and stool. In December I had two ct scans for a possible kidney issue, one without contrast and another with. Everything was good and no kidney issue. Also good blood work. I now have a colonoscopy scheduled for next week but I’m now terrified. Wondering if an internal hemorrhoid can bleed when stool is present? I’m 66 and have had ibs symptoms my whole life so bowel issues are common part of my life. And strangely enough my coccyx bone has been sore for a long time (but I do sit a lot.) I have a good appetite, moderate amount of energy because I take a beta blocker that keeps me a little droopy by mid afternoon. I’m not over weight. Not really any stomach aches or nausea unless I eat something that flares up the ibs but I’m pretty good at avoiding that. Just putting out there how scared I am.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  Bright red blood in stool is always cause of concern and we are really glad you are following up.  Yes, it could be caused by straining and a hemorrhoid but making sure is essential. The colonoscopy is the right choice at this point and we are glad your doctor recommended it.  They are being cautious to make sure nothing serious like colon cancer is going on.  This is unlikely but has to be ruled out.  Here is some basic information https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/blood-in-stool#1.  Continue to follow your doctor's advice as they are your best source of information.  Again, this is likely something like a hemorrhoid internally that you can't see but your colonoscopy will be telling.  When is that scheduled for?
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