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could anyone tell me why....

can anyone tell me why my stools are like a light green color lately with mucus and every time I pass a hard stool there is bright red blood on the tp and only on the outside of the stool
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Not trying to scare you, but any bowel changes warrant a visit to your doctor, or a GI specialist. I'm a 34/f, married, mom of two. I started having a little blood in my stool about 6 months ago & mucous. I just assumed it was hemorrhoids I've had since a vaginal childbirth in 2002. I made an appt. with a GI specialist though, as I currently have good insurance & didn't need a referral. He recommended an immediate colonoscopy due to bowel habit changes. I wish I had went earlier. He found that I did have internal hemorrhoids, which he banded off & hopefully that will help. He also found that I had mild diverticul, & an adenomatous polyp (polyp that can turn cancerous) that was about 1.3 cm in the sigmoid colon. He didn't think it was cancerous at this time, but I'm nervously awaiting the biopsy results. I now have to be on a fiber drink rest of my life, and have regular colonoscopies, possibly yearly, depending on biopsy results. My advice to anyone of any age is: if you have ANY type of bowel habit change, go see your doctor. It could be anything from benign as hemorrhoids, to something as serious as a malignant tumor. Better to be safe than sorry.
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I think you may be suffering from colon cancer, please visit to the doctor immediately and tell the problem which you are facing.  
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I was just wondering how you were now or if you had seen your doctor? I got the results of my polyp biopsy. I had a benign tubulovillous adenoma (precancerous type polyp). I have to have a follow up colonoscopy in 3 years now. Hope you are better.
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