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Beta Blockers and such

I have never heard of beta blockers and/or ace inhibitors. Should I go to see a cardiologist to get these medications?  Could I just ask the family doctor about them. If I needed them wouldn't at least one of the doctors I have seen prescribed them or perhaps I have been sent to so many they are thinking that the other one has prescribed them. I am going to be calling my doctor today since I had some upper chest and neck pain about 4am this morning. I thought about going to the hospital but it went away in a very short period of time so I didn't go. I just don't really know when it is appropriate to get medical care immediately. I am always afraid of wasting their time and looking like an idiot  because they can't find anything, which has happened a couple of times. I felt so stupid.
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I’ll also suggest you to see a cardiologist/physician for the pain you have gone through. There’s a saying in our medicine that “any pain above the umbilicus/navel” can be pain originating from the heart. It’s always suggested to get an ECG done and maybe along with certain enzymes (troponin, CK-MB) which are released into the blood when the cardiac muscles get injured/damaged due to a blockage in the heart vessels.
Ace inhibitors/beta blockers are the drugs used to reduce blood pressure and also in patients who have suffered from an injury to the heart/heart is not pumping blood properly. Beta blockers slow the heart rate and thus decrease the demand of oxygen of the heart whereas ace inhibitors improve the contractility of the heart.
I’ll suggest you to consult a physician and discuss about these drugs whether you really need them or not. Never hesitate to ask questions as no question on this earth is silly.
I sincerely hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind Regards.
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It is never stupid to seek for medical advice due to a suspicious pain, especially chest pain, and particularly if it’s associated with pain in other places like neck, jaw or arm. EKG and cardiac enzymes are the best methods to exclude any serious condition and to search for other less dangerous causes of chest pain.

About the drugs, only a cardiologist can tell you which category suits you more. It’s crucial to be seen by a cardiologist since he/she is the only one who can decide what’s best for you. Many similar heart diseases have been treated by different drugs due to different reasons..this of course, if we suppose you are having a heart disease.  
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If the pain was in your chest and neck, you should go in to make sure that you did not have a mild heart attack or an episode (which doctors call it when something happened but did not result in heart muscle damage).  Ace inhibitors are best for treating heart disease in that they have shown to increase lifespan.  Beta blockers have not shown to increase lifespan, but help with the symptoms.  Sometimes doctors prescribed both the ace inhibitors and beta blockers.  Lisinopril is a good ace inhibitor that is inexpensive. You should see a cardiologist to find out if there is anything going on with your heart.  Anytime there is neck pain with the chest pain, it is suspicious.  Try not to worry, but see your doctor soon.  It is good to get into the hospital to check the blood enzymes.  
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