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Covid and Azithromycin

Hello everyone,

I am an illegal immigrant in India (an asylum seeker) and I'm beginning to have some symptoms, but I can't go to the doctor or register to be vaccinated, due to the fear of being deported. So I've just self-quarantined. I'm having some fruits to help my immune system, but my question is, does Azithromycin help?

I have absolutely no knowledge of medicine. Is there a chance that taking Azithromycin could only suppress the virus for a while, giving it the chance to evolve and become even more dangerous? I mean delta is already pretty dangerous. I don't know if Azithromycin would only make it worse.

I'm sorry if my question is too dumb. And thanks in advance.
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It won't help.  It's an antibiotic, not antiviral.  There was some thought way back at the beginning of the pandemic that this might help, but it didn't.  It also has downsides for your immune system, so no, won't help.  I don't know what your health in general is like or your age, but dying of covid is still worse than being deported.  I don't at all know the health system in India, in the US health info is private.  I see you do have a quandary here.  The only meds that are known to help you have to get from a physician.  They are a steroid and monoclonal antibodies, both of which are difficult to take so you need monitoring.  The antibodies mentioned are really the only thing we have to treat a covid infection; if administered early enough, in an infusion that would require you sit for awhile in an infusion center, they are very effective a preventing severe illness, but they are the only thing that has been proven to work.  If you haven't been tested, you don't even know for certain you have covid, but again, if you do, your overall health and age will go a long way to determine how risky your situation is, and also the severity of the symptoms.  Your choice.
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