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Fear cystic fibrosis, 23 y.o. woman.

I've had a dry cough for a year, and for the past 2 months, I've had to cough up yellow phlegm every morning. I cough a bit during the day, but a bit more in the evening.

I really concerned. A flu or something would go away in 3 weeks. I'm not feeling ill, just coughing.

Went to my GP and got tested for different bacteria and got a chest x-ray. All was normal.
Had an x-ray a year ago as well, and no changes during this year compared to the new x-ray.

I'm so worried it might be something serious, like CF. As I understand, symptoms are different for adults than for children diagnosed with the disease.
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If your symptoms persist, consider getting CT chest without contrast to rule out a radiographically occult chronic infectious and/or inflammatory process. There are many causes of chronic dry cough, but if you are specifically concerned about cystic fibrosis, your doctor can order sweat chloride test.
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