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chylothorax problem

hello ,doctor I,m from china,and my freind's father is illed and in danger now ,I want to help them  so post this case on this website .As his discrible patient's lymph alaways seep into his body's organs,cause his lungs been bath with it .Now his lungs is  surround by somekind of  shell  so he can't breath well freely,and oxygen content of blood become low . In factly, he has been found these symptoms in 1996,then soon been diagnosed chylothorax with pericardial effusion andLung effusion by color Doppler ultrasound. Foreign doctor said It's  a benign disease and can not kill him quickly. so just let it be would be the best way to Prolong life.But the local hospital chosed surgery removed his pericardial membrane to release his heart. after that he recpet another operation in china which open his pleura,cause they wanna find the leak source.but it didn't work even cause the other side of lung been immersed.just 4 day before they prepared to ligate the lymphatic vessels,it was stoped automaticly,so patient chosed to back home. after almost 20 years.now the patient is 65 years old and smoking for 40 years,but from last year  benifited by breathing machine and quit smoking,last year his oxygen content of blood was stable and feels much better,but suddenly,several days after new year his situation became worse ,now his oxygen content of blood droped to 40 to 60 or even lower.hosptal say now he is atelectasis,encapsulated effusion with a small amount of fluid so can not puncture . his family want to know if there is a way to save his life otherwise extend it  just one more second ,I beg you, please
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