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Have 4 hours to decide what to do - swollen foot/leg

Last night at around 1AM I realized that my left calf was swollen, and when I got back to my hotel room I saw that my entire left calf and foot were swollen. In just a few hours I need to leave for the airport to travel from New York City to London. Not sure if I should do something/take something/go see a medical professional between now and then, I have just a few hours to decide and act. Any advice appreciated!

A few important/relevant factors:
- Just generally about me, 41 year old female in generally good health except for my foot injury
- I broke my foot 2.5 months ago, specifically my 5th metatarsal, no surgery was needed
- I was non weight bearing for approx 1.5 months and then have slowly started walking indoors with the boot, then outdoors with the boot, then indoors with regular shoes (comfortable walking/running shoes), then outdoors with regular shoes (as long as it's not very uneven)
- I've been doing some traveling recently, last week from Tampa FL to Denver Colorado and back a few days later, then a few days after that from Tampa FL to New York City (which is where I am now).
- While in Colorado I was able to do some outdoor hiking (in the walking boot) and never had any issues with swelling
- Last night I was in work meetings and then a work event in NYC, so I did a lot of both sitting and standing throughout the day, I had no issues at any time but then at the very end of the evening, around 1AM I felt that my left calf felt tight.
- Last night before going to bed I iced my foot (which I pretty much do daily right now anyway), put on a compression sock (which I've been wearing on all my flights), took some asprin, and prompted the foot up on some pillows.
- This morning the swelling has definitely gone down, the tightness in my calf is almost all gone and there's just a bit of swelling still in the foot. I just removed the compression sock for a bit and iced again, and just put the compression sock back on.
- I'm overly sensitive to DVT right now because my father who is 80 just had a medical emergency that was partially caused by multiple blood clots in both of his legs related to travel.

Questions on my mind right now are:
- Is this just swelling from being up a lot of the evening and nothing to worry about?
- Should I go to an urgent care clinic to get it checked out (even though there's not really much to see anymore)? Would they really be able to confirm whether or not it's DVT?
- Should I take asprin again, or aleve as an anti-inflamatory? or if I go to a clinic would they give me something that would be better for this specific situation?
- Is there anything I should consider regarding my flight? I'm really not in a position to delay my trip to London, but of course I don't want to have greater complications that could be more serious (the scary PE risks if it is DVT)

Thank you in advance for any help!
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