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Am I getting Dimentia? Or is it form my hysterectomy or my antidepressants?

I am a 47 year old women, and I feel as though I am getting dimentia. I litterally get lost in my own house. I forget where I am. I forget what things mean. I even forgot the name of my daughter. I pull up to a red or green light and I know the color but I dont know what they mean. My life!...... I had breast cancer when I was 35 so I had a mastectomy and a hystrectomy 12 years ago. I also have been taking celexa for a bout 12 years.. before that I was on paxil. Im really afraid I am losing my mind. Is it because I have no hormones or is it from the celexa. what should I do?  Drs. that I talk to do nothing Im so tired of Dr.s because they cant find anything that means its not happening. Well it is and its getting worse by the day
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Sorry but this Forum deals only with breast problem issues. Med-Help has also a “Memory loss Forum” which may provide information regarding this matter that might be of interest to you.
Please click on the link below.
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You mention seeing Drs but you don't state which type of Dr you have seen. Just to add a short note, you might consider seeing a Neurologist or even a Geriatric Specialist for your obvious memory issues. These issues would have nothing to do with hormones and unless you also had your ovaries removed when you had your hysterectomy you still have hormones being produced in your body. You obviously have had some mental issues for many years so I hope that you are also seeing your Psychiatrist on a regular basis.   Wishing you all the best in finding some solution or help for your current problems. Please forgive me but I must say I don't think you should be driving at this point for your own safety.  Regards ....
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