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Do you think my Mom’s case sounds like Alzheimer’s?

History: My Mom had an asthma acute attack in 2004 (she was 68) in which she flatlined in the ER multiple times. One of those times being around or over 5 minutes-l can’t remember exactly. Her medical history was asthma and hbp. Then in 2005 I noticed the first signs of her forgetting and a change in personality going from happy to angry with those she was closest to. Which was out of character for her, Since that time her memory has continuously decline at a very very slow pace to the point today where her short term memory is gone. Her logical thinking isn’t normal. Examples of her issues would be: forgetting to take meds, not wearing correct clothing for weather, not being able to figure out a healthy meal for herself-she would choose all sweets or something. But she can carry on a conversation like normal-besides the short term memory part, and she does do word searches still. Oh and her personality went back to being nice again. She was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s around 2012...she was very good at hiding it for years around doctors. My question is (without seeing her obviously) does this sound like Alzheimer’s? What ever it is I am convinced that the asthma attack and following lack of oxygen to the brain triggered. If I am right that was 16 years ago and Mom is still not near the final stages of the disease. Plus the such a slow decline. I just want to know should I be more insistent on her seeing another doctor and possible diagnosis. You see I am not her POA - that’s a whole different issue - and I would have to do some presuading to have my feelings heard. But I will in a heartbeat if that’s what needs to happen! She is a great woman-and wonderful mom! She’s worth whatever I need to do.
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Your mother's case sounds like textbook Alzheimer's.

The Alzheimer's Association provides helpful resources for caregivers:
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