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Anyone know what’s wrong with my tooth?

I don’t know how to upload photos so I’m going to have to do my best to describe my issues. However, the first photo on this link - http://midcitiesdental.com/our-dental-services/emergency-dental-care/broken-teeth/ - kind of gives you an idea of what I am talk about, however it’s not as extreme and isn’t broken as much.

I think it’s between the lateral incisor and the canine tooth but honestly, I’m not sure. I’m not dentist. It just looks like there’s a gap in between my tooth now.

It’s not painful and I can eat fine. However, I am petrified that my tooth is going to have to be removed. Do you think a crown is needed? Or a filling?

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If you go to the second photo down - that’s what it looks like!!

Thank you in advance.
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Not a dentist, but recently had a similar situation.  If the break doesn't penetrate down into the nerve, they can do a composite filling to reshape the tooth.  At least, that's what they did for me with 2 front incisors chipped.
I went to emergency dentist as I didn’t want to risk an infection with me it being open and what not and he put a temporary filling in until I can see my dentist on the 5th.

He said my tooth was badly decayed - that’s probably down to when I was younger and in school and would drink energy drinks every day - and he cleaned the decay and put that in.

I’d rather get a crown than a filling because they last long but I’m unsure if my dentist would do one so I’m going to ask anyway.

Thank you.
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